The Fire House

Named for its firefighting theme, the high-ceilinged Fire House is famous for its formidable beer selection and chill atmosphere. They have 38 taps and two casks, all with regularly rotating specialty beers, mostly microbrews and craft beers from Wisconsin. Happy hour is 4-7pm every day and 2-7pm Fridays. They have darts, arcade and touch-screen games, and free popcorn to munch on.

Average: 3.86
Out of 13 Reviews

The Eau Claire Fire House
202 Gibson St.
Eau Claire, WI



Beer, Beer and...that's right more Beer. If you like to experiment with beer this is the place. It's like a mini beer fest in the heart of downtown Eau Claire. Is has a very professional staff with limited time wait on drinks. This bar is designed mainly for social interaction with darts and a Foosball table and my only (very very slight) complaint is how loud it gets when busy with the echoness (and yes I just made up this word according to spell check).


Lots of Fresh Beer! Clean bathrooms! Could use some outdoor space.


Great selection of beers on tap. Needs more seating.


Great beer choice with great descriptions. Service was kinda sassy, though. And it was much too loud in there. If i'm going to go someplace to enjoy new beers, i'd like to talk to my friends about them instead of just standing there. The bathroom was also quite gross for it being that early in the night - - either a really rude crowd or some cleaning was highly lacking. I really love the opened garage doors - nice breezes and less stale air!


Best place to get GOOD beer in EC! I love the large selection of tap beers (like 40). There is really nothing comparable in Eau Claire. It is especially fun to go on Wednesday for sample night. You get five different samples for $5, so it is a great way to try new beers. The garage doors that open in the summer add an awesome touch!