The Fire House

Named for its firefighting theme, the high-ceilinged Fire House is famous for its formidable beer selection and chill atmosphere. They have 38 taps and two casks, all with regularly rotating specialty beers, mostly microbrews and craft beers from Wisconsin. Happy hour is 4-7pm every day and 2-7pm Fridays. They have darts, arcade and touch-screen games, and free popcorn to munch on.

Average: 3.86
Out of 13 Reviews

The Eau Claire Fire House
202 Gibson St.
Eau Claire, WI



If you're a beer snob, this is the only bar in town for you! Without a doubt, this place has the best beer selection anywhere in the area!


Awesome bar. Awesome Beer. This is what EC needs. Not another cookie cutter joint with boring beer and food.


Beer selection is probobly the best in the Valley. Beers are written on huge blackboard behind bar, very easy to read and I like how they include the alcohol content in beers as well. However, do not get a mixed drink here. 'One shot' drinks is what you get. As in they pour out one shot into a jigger, then into your glass of ice. Just a great place to chill for a bit and enjoy some delicious beers.


If you are looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere with a great beer selection and awesome bartenders, this is the place! The Fire House is an awesome place to grab an after work happy hour drink too!


Terrific bar with a really nice selection of craft beers that gets better every time we go back. Definitely our favorite bar in Eau Claire. I respectfully disagree that it's expensive; for the type of beer they serve it's a steal. Don't go there to get a Bud Light. I'm holding back a star just to be picky: beers this fine shouldn't be served ice cold.