Sammy's Pizza Restaurant & Pub

This massive establishment is one-half eatery and one-half bar, known best for its 11 Wisconsin beers on tap and pizza (which is served late on weekends). You'll find live music on some Saturdays, an everyday happy hour (4:30-6:30pm), darts (with leagues), and a party room that can hold about 50.

Average: 3.00
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 • Dance Floors

 • Live Music

 • Food after 10pm

 • Game Leagues

 • Eau Claire South

 Sammy's Pizza Eau Claire

Sammy's Pizza
2812 London Rd
Eau Claire, WI

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With a family-style pizza place up front complete with cool diner furniture and a full-scale bar in the back, Sammy’s is great for lunch, dinner, or a night out. Bring your friends for the House Special – pepperoni, hamburger, kosher salami, sausage, mushrooms, onion, and green pepper – or check out the broasted chicken. Weekday lunch buffet, private party room, vegetarian friendly, order late on Friday and Saturday nights, and Team Trivia on Tuesdays.

 • Late Night Eats

 • Vegetarian Friendly

 • Fish Fry

 • Daily Specials

 • Bar & Grill

 • Family Style

 • Pizza

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Good pizza, but the dining room and kitchen need a good cleaning!


I guess it all depends on what kind of pizza you like. I've tried Jeff and Jim's (thicker crust, also recommended) and Pizza Del Re (thin crust and flavorless) and I like Sammy's the most. It has a thin crust, which is still slightly soft, with bucketloads of cheese and a lot of flavor. If your favorite pizza is Domino's you probably won't like Sammy's.


Sammy's has the best thin crust pizza in the area. Although a little overpriced and sometimes a minute more in the oven would be great, the Sammy's Special is a real treat. I wish they would've kept the downtown location even though the southside one is way closer for us. little under c


The establishment was filthy, service poor and pizza....a frozen one at home would have been better. This is an Eau Claire favorite??????!!!!


If you like thin and crispy crust pizza, then this is the place for you...If you're into Stuffed Crust-cheese in places other than the top or other pan-style pizzas, don't even bother...I love Sammy's pizza because I am a die-hard thin-crust pizza lover. In fact, my entire family has been Sammy's fans for as long as I can remember. I'll forgive the fact that they moved out of the beloved downtown location just as long as they continue to offer their Sammy's Special in Eau Claire for the next 50 years! P.S. Check out their fried chicken...Some of the best in town.