Texas Roadhouse

While the restaurant serves up steaks and ribs, the bar side of things at the Roadhouse has legendary margaritas plus 10 ice-cold tap beers and a few specialties with free peanuts and fresh baked bread. Food served until close (10:30pm) on weekends.

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Texas Roadhouse
5019 Keystone Crossing
Eau Claire, WI

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Upbeat and energetic, this national chain's culinary claims to fame are hand-cut steaks, chicken meals, and award-winning fall-off-the-bone ribs. Also featuring seafood, burgers & sandwiches, and country-style platters. Their bread is baked fresh all day long, and they make all dressings and side dishes from scratch. Free in-the-shell peanuts. Open for dinner service on weekedays, and lunch on weekends. On weekdays, get select entrees for $9 until 6pm. Open late on weekends.

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Fresh, hot rolls to die for and perfectly done steak makes eating in this crowded, noisy resturant worthwhile to me. I've always had friendly service and the atmosphere is kind of fun. However, don't expect to be seated quickly if it's a weekend or holiday. It's a popular place and we once waited for about an hour on a friday night. My only other complaint is that their "side dish" options suck. The vegetables are ususally undercooked and the rest are all potatos. So much for variety.


I have mixed feelings about Texas Roadhouse. While their buns are delicious for sure, their BBQ items are no comparison to Famous Dave's. The BBQ chopped pork is disappointingly flavorless. On another visit I had the fried catfish. The fish was good but the corn meal breading was a little too thick for my taste. I thought it was actually better the next day as leftovers. The last item I have been repeatedly disappointed with is the "fresh" vegetable side, which appears to be previously frozen broccoli spears and a carrot stick or two. Not what I would expect, especially considering the stress thy put on their "made from scratch" sides. Aside from food, the atmosphere is just so-so. The line dancing leaves much to be desired. If you can't get the employees to get into it and act like they are enjoying themselves don't bother. I had to wait at my table an extra five minutes before leaving because they take up the whole exit aisle with their pathetic attempt to "entertain" guests. It really could be entertaining if it weren't so painfully obvious how much everyone who works there hates doing it. I will continue to dine there sparingly, probably only when I drug there with others.


MSG heaven. Google it...


Loud place, but for the price of food you get a TON... that is if they remember to bring it all, which they usually don't. I do love their salmon with dill dip though, it's all i order and all their sides have been great!! also the watermelon margarita (not on the menu.... ask for is speical) is great!


Service and food is inconsistent. Last time we were there my wife's steak was undercooked, so they took it back to the grill and recooked it, turning it into something akin to shoe leather. WHO DOES THAT? It is hard to comprehend the staff line dancing while there are people waiting to be seated. GET TO WORK! The kids like to throw peanut shells on the floor and their kids menu is fresh cooked with large portions.