Ray's Place

Known for its hot beef sandwiches, Ray's is the perfect place to relax with some grub and a beer. It has a foundation of regulars, but they make newcomers feel as welcome as Norm at Cheers. An outdoor patio, specialty beers, and nine taps are available. Delectable homemade food is available after 10am.

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Ray’s Place
838 Water St.
Eau Claire, WI

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People come from miles around just to grab a beer and an excellent hot beef sandwich served on a pile of napkins at Ray's. The optional horseradish sauce (highly recommended) will clear your sinuses. Cheese slices are available upon polite request. During the cooler months, try the signature Spanish stew. The homemade soups – pea or bean with ham – round out the menu. Outdoor seating and open late.

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Ray's is the best bar on Water st, not only because of their wonderful staff (Jay, especially) but also because their Bloody Mary's and Hot Beefs are legendary. Ray's trivia is always a fun time, get there early to save a spot because it gets packed every Wednesday night


A family friend said we had to try Ray's, that it was the best pub in town. Well we tried it, the hot beef sandwiches were okay, but the napkin thing was really unsanitary and the beef wasn't cooked good enough... we all got sick from it. We won't be going back there. ever.


Bartender very rude, I actually left without getting food. I WON'T be back.


Best hot "beeves" hands down...My grandpa took me here when I was about 10 years old...we sat at the bar and he ordered me my first hot beef sandwich...he also suggested that I try the mustard. I glopped on a huge spoonful, took a huge bite...Instantaneous tears began rolling down our faces...mine from the extreme horseradish mustard and his from laughter...ah such fond memories...I love to go back now and then to relive the wonderful experience...Thank you Ray's for your many years of making kids and grown-ups cry. Your soups and sandwiches are will definitely be a hit with my kids too!


By far, the BEST ham sandwich and other food you will ever eat! I would eat here every day if I could!