She-Nannigans & Lucky's

"You've got the best of both worlds," a long-time bartender said, referring to the sports bar vibe of Lucky's (mostly playing rock and country music) and the dance club tiki bar vibe of She-Nans (pop). Known for one of the best dance floors in town and speedy service, She-Nans also has a huge outdoor patio, nightly specials, free popcorn, and karaoke on Tuesdays. They have a myriad of games from pool, darts, and arcade, to touch-screen, beer pong (Thursdays), and bean bags. She-Nans has six taps, while Lucky's has a dozen. Between them both, they have a couple specialty beers. According to our 2015 reader poll, She-Nannigans ranks among the best places to dance in the Valley.

Average: 1.00
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 • Dance Floors

 • Karaoke

 • Eau Claire Water Street

She Nannigans
415 Water St
Eau Claire, WI


Gunner Michael Whitcome

Amazing Bar!!! Great Staff,Friendly, Great Music,ad Awesome Energy All Night!! My first choice when I go out on the town!!!


Gross. -- That pretty much sums it up.


It was the best bar in EC for dancing and having a good time. Lately it has turned to a shit bar. They have new bouncers that look like they are 12. The drink prices are ridiculous and a guy named, "Oaks" runs the shenans side. He is a cock eater and enjoys kicking people out for no reason. I got a shot with my GF and some other people and he put soap in the them. My GF was sick the entire night. A bar tender had been arrested for putting drugs in drinks. Avoid this place at all costs!!