Clancy's Irish Parrot Bar

On the surface Clancy's is an Irish bar with parrot decor, but that hardly explains the appeal. Clancy's is a chill bar with a wide variety of clientele, mixed drinks served in mason jars, and one of the best jukeboxes around. Happy hour specials run 3-6pm every day, and there are nightly specials later on. They have pool, darts, and a few retro video games. There's free popcorn and pool, 15-20 specialty beers, and 11 brewery-fresh taps.

Average: 5.00
Out of 4 Reviews

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414 S. Barstow St.
Eau Claire, WI



Clancy's has a style all it's own. Most people that come in are willing to strike up a conversation with anyone. The mixed drinks are served strong and cheap in mason jars. They have a good selection of beers that changes seasonally. The jukebox is pretty much awesome, same with the bartenders.


The jukebox in the back of Clancy's is the best in town for good indie-rock and a few pop-punk mixes. The crowd gets progressively younger throughout the night, so if you're in the mood to hang out with some slightly older fellows and talk and watch sports or generally bull-shit, Clancy's early hours are great. At night, the jukebox gets louder and the younger crowd wanders in. There's a good regular crew of bicyclists and hip kids that indulge in conversation throughout the night. Bartenders range from cool to super cool, and beers mixed drinks are cheap. Great bar to watch Brewers games with other fans in the summer evenings!