Houligans Steak & Seafood Pub

Other than the intimate dining atmosphere, Houligans is best known for its specialty beer selection: There are 17 total taps and even more beers to choose from. Houligans is also know for having an impressive selection of wine; on Tuesdays, you can get half price your favorite bottle with the purchase of two entrées. Happy hour is 4-7pm every Tuesday through Thursday. Outdoor patio, party room holds 100 for cocktails and 70 for dining.

Average: 4.32
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415 S. Barstow St.
Eau Claire

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The menu at Houligans features a top-notch selection of steaks and seafood with their Candied Garlic New York Strip being a local favorite. Also featuring pastas, pub fare, and a Friday fish fry. The environment offers rich, worn-in woodwork threads across the walls in the cozy dining area and an equally inviting bar. It's a great place to grab a beer and a hearty meal. This casual fine-dining favorite recently expanded to offer catering options as well. Outdoor seating and private party room available.

 • Outdoor Seating

 • Vegetarian Friendly

 • Fish Fry

 • Birthday Specials

 • Upscale Dining

 • Seafood

 • Steakhouse

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Can you say Candied Garlic? I have been to Houligan's a few times. And although I am a poor college student and the prices are pretty steep the food is AMAZING. One thing I would defiantly recommend is to dig through your recycle bin and pull out one of those "moupon" books and use the coupon in there. Save yourself some green! If your going out to celebrate or have a cozy little dinner you cannot go wrong with this place.


Ok first let me say I went here on New Years. I thought the service was very poor, the drinks were good but outrageously priced. Some bought shots for our table of 7 and they were $7.50 a piece. It took for ever to eat and it was not even that busy. I got really drunk by the time diner got there because of the service (I am a light weight though) I will forgive the service but the price is to high. Food was really good though. But you had to pay extra for a diner salad and it was like $5.00 sorry if I want to spend that much I will go were I get what I pay for.


I don't think anyone in town brings in as much fresh seafood. Their specials are where it's at. On any given night there could be anything from Sea Bass to Ahi Tuna to Alaskan Halibut. The Scallops are amazing. Best thing is they are prepared differently every time they are featured. The service is always excellent as well.


Superior quality for food available in a bar. Also, their bread is fantastic. We've had great service there. They really do specialize as a seafood restaurant, and I recommend that side of their menu.


We've found Houligan's to be consistently great in the three things that matter: 1. Food, 2. Service, 3. Atmosphere (quiet, romantic). If we're thinking about eating someplace "special," this is a choice we can count on. Hint: If you're looking for a treat but need to go lighter on the wallet, order a burger -- Candied Garlic or Irish Whisky -- and the yummy sweet potato fries.