Chicken Chasers Bar & Grill

Chicken Chasers Bar & Grill is a great small-town bar for sitting and talking. As the name suggests, they serve food, but it includes more than just chicken. In fact, they're best known for their ribs and potato salad. Happy hour runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6pm.

Average: 4.50
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Chicken Chasers Bar & Grill
155 E. Lincoln Ave.
Fall Creek, WI



If you are in Fall Creek or passing through, Chicken Chasers is a great choice (though i don't recommend eating there very often as the food tends to be very greasy). The business is supportive of community ventures, the service is very friendly and quick, and yes: The tater salad IS that good.


Chicken Chasers makes the BEST potato salad ever. Basically, whenever we have a family get together and my brother-in-law is coming, we pled if they will bring potato salad from Chicken Chaser's in Fall Creek, WI and the party is that much better!