Best Appetizer, Not Cheese Curds (location and item)

1st Place: Cancun Mexican Grill chips, salsa, and queso
2nd Place: Egg Roll Plus egg rolls
3rd Place: Bug Eyed Betty’s Bacontaters

Ordering an appetizer or two is always a good idea until the meal comes and you are full of regret (and too full to eat your meal). But we will all continue ordering appetizers, because we all know that with some things, it’s just worth it. When it comes to Cancun Mexican Grill’s chips, salsa, and queso — it’s always worth it. There’s no better pre-meal combo than one that’s practically free (plus a small charge for the cheese, of course). Egg Roll Plus’s egg rolls (their size puts the “Plus” in Egg Roll Plus) came in second, while Bug Eyed Betty’s Bacontaters snagged third. Because if you don’t like bacon, are you even human? — Anne Sandell