Best Restaurant for Good Wait Staff

1st Place: Altoona Family Restaurant
2nd Place: Bug Eyed Betty’s
3rd Place: Cancun Mexican Grill

As difficult as serving is, there are some waiters and waitresses who make it look like a piece of cake. According to our readers, Altoona Family Restaurant (2000 N. Hillcrest Pkwy, Altoona) has had the best wait staff in the Valley for seven consecutive years — they’ll fill up your coffee mug before you even realize that you need a refill. The No. 2 spot goes to Bug Eyed Betty’s (1920 Hastings Way, Eau Claire) because the servers are always on their A-game and delightfully chipper somehow. Finally, you can always count on the wait staff at Cancun Mexican Grill (four Chippewa Valley locations) to deliver excellent service and make you smile — and not just because they’re bringing you another margarita. — Natalie Rosenkranz