Best Locally Produced Foodstuff

1st Place: Rump’s Butcher Shoppe meat
2nd Place: Chip Magnet Salsa
3rd Place: Silver Spring mustards and horseradish
Rump’s Butcher Shoppe (1411 Lynn Ave., Altoona) likes big butts, and they cannot lie. Luckily for them, a ton of other people like big butts, too, and voted Rump’s to victory in this category. The Altoona establishment, though still fairly new, has captured our hearts with items like their Badger- and Packer-themed brats. Chip Magnet Salsa, which uses GMO-free ingredients, can now be bought in four states. Locally, you can find it at many of our fine grocery stores. Also found in local grocery stores are the mustard and horseradish products from Silver Spring Foods, which are sure to clear out your sinuses and give your sandwiches some local zip. — Katie Venit