Best Restaurant in Eau Claire

1st Place: Mona Lisa’s Restaurant
2nd Place: Bug Eyed Betty’s
3rd Place: Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse
With its amazing food and romantic atmosphere, Mona Lisa’s Restaurant (428 Water St., Eau Claire) yet again took this category for the third time in four years. The brick-lined patio out back transports us to Tuscany where we can sup on wholesome Mediterranean dishes (and, oh yes, some wine, too). Known for its clever signs (one once declared it was the 47th best restaurant in Eau Claire), Bug Eyed Betty’s (1920 S. Hastings Way) can now claim second place. The eclectic American menu seems to feature whatever the heck they feel like, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Fancy steak eatery Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse (4751 Owen Ayres Court) comes in third with succulent steaks, delish seafood, and traditional Italian dishes. — Katie Venit