Video bathroom movement improv

This is fascinating and bizarre on several levels. Who knows how often usual art films are being made just on the other side of our public bathroom doors right here in the Chippewa Valley? Love the voyeuristic jump you get at the end. And can we talk about the germs for a minute?


Article Regular "Joe"

So glad to see this film get finished. Great trailer!


Video In Defence, Live at Taco John's

I think its fairly clear that this is one of the most amazing things to ever be done in the city of Eau Claire.



I've only been in once (and my coffee was amazing), but I have to say I'm really impressed by all the new stuff the Living Room is trying. I'm glad the place exists.


Article Reader Letters | Aug. 14, 2008

I think it's awesome that Ross Spitz took the time to respond to Eric's column.

Also: The Albertville Tavern has the BEST fish! It's a bit of a drive, but so, so worth it.


Video Volume One's Tomato Cover

Favorite V1 cover ever. I love how tomatoes are just about the most gruesome image to make it into the available printed news.


Video Bon Iver: ABC News Interview (1)

This album is incredible-the soundtrack to my summer. Beautiful, raw, even goosebump-giving. And I couldn't be more happy for Justin's success.


Post Wanna See Some Chalkfest Pictures?

This was such a cool event! I'm sad that people are now walking all over this art...kinda like a temporary tattoo. Let's just hope the neighborhood dogs remember where to do their business.



Great idea for a blog. And great topic with the JRP.



Not sure if you wold want to take it in this direction, but a bar guide in the same format as the dining guide would be nice in the future. It'd be good to find some new and lesser known places and what they have going on. Like the shuffleboard at Bonnie's. Definitely a draw.


Article Taking A Cue

I think this would be a great idea for downtown. Provided, of course, that the alcohol and rowdiness is kept to a minimum. It'd be a great way to have another form of sports downtown and a place I think people could respect and be a draw for downtown.


Video The Muffin Heist

Thank goodness Dessert First owner Sandi is a really, really, good sport.