I agree that it would be fantastic to add some more weeks. After all today it looks like rain again (thursday last day of concerts). It's such a wonderful family activity. It's a shame it has to end


Post Our Big New Website

It agree to all of the above--this website is kick ass and way cooler. And nice pic, by the way. =)


Article Safety Concerns

Have any of you been anywhere other than Eau Claire? This place is one of the safest places in the US, try going to East St. Louis or North Minneapolis, maybe South Phoenix and then talk about Eau Claire isn't safe. Eau Claire is safe and the people who live here don't know what unsafe is.



Check these guys out... new to the area and pretty good stuff... i found their music at

do they have a CD yet?!?


Post Our Big New Website

I only got about 2 minutes of free time right now, and clearly that won't be nearly enough. I can't wait to watch all the vids!



Would love to do this all winter. Is there a venue and any interest in making this happen inside somewhere?

Volume One


Sorry, tonight WILL be the final gig of the year despite a couple of rain outs. We love it too, but feel its best to keep it a special summer-only sort of thing for now. Thanks for coming out all summer and we'll see you out there next year!


Post Tonight: EC Blues All Stars To Rip Phoenix…

Thanks Volume One and sponsors for another festive season at Phoenix Park. We love the fun upbeat atmosphere that has emerged in our down town.

Loved the bear launcher!

Mickey Mueller

Article Pet Project

You did a great job! Will there continue to be a Pet Project, or is this a "one time" in the special section?

Waggin' Tails Training Co., LLC & Doggie Daycare
Menomonie, WI

John Wade


I heart Ralph.

Thanks for the seat belts, buddy!


Post Unkel Boob

Yikes. That is.. see, this is why I dislike clowns!


Article Reader Letters | Aug. 14, 2008

Eau Claire has a real treasure in Ross Spitz - thank you sir!

Think of the uproar if car drivers had to get out and push a button to make a light turn green for them - unacceptable, eh? It's things like this that make "legal" biking hard to do in the real world. Scoot the bike out of the traffic lane onto the sidewalk next to a big sign and painted sidewalk that says "no bikes", push a button, scoot back into the legal traffic lane on the street and wait for green. Scooters are even more difficult to maneuver in this way - so thanks Ross for looking to the future when not everyone hauls 2 tons of plastic and metal with them that can "weigh in" on the traffic signal!