Post Bakers Square Calls it Quits

That's pretty lame of a company to just up and close without informing employees that they're now unemployed...


Post Did you see the google car?!

Everybody run out in the street and start doing visually-outrageous things until the G-Car comes by and snaps your picture.

Oh, and V1 stickers should be on every telephone pole in town (make sure to face them toward the street!).

its it

Post Seen That New Issue of Paste?

i for one...cannot get this magic out of my head...
look forward to a xmas gift in ec??

Densai Moua

Article My First Internet

At first I used to game online everyday. That was when I first had the internet. My mother would always restrict the use, but that doesn't stop me. I was addicted. Even in high school after when i finished all my homework, I'll go online and stay up to 4 or 5 in the morning on school days. I felt like after all my hard work, that was my only reward. I'm an art freak so now I just use it to give me inspirations by viewing other people's works. The net is still very useful in my opinion.


Post Our Big New Website

Wow-- this website is great! Makes me feel connected with Eau Claire (we moved to nearby Colfax recently). Keep up the great work. It's in my "Favorites" now.

Taylor Petersen

Article My First Internet

The only time I can seriously say the internet was a huge part of my daily life was when i found AIM. The fact that you could talk to all of your friends at once, made it irresistable to me. But as I spent countless hours chatting with all of my friends I began to think, why not just hang out with my friends instead of using AIM. Since then the internet has been a useful tool for me when it comes to school research, but otherwise I just use it for finding crazy videos on youtube. The internet is a useful tool but I only use it when I need to.


Article Thanks for Asking | Aug. 28, 2008

Please do a story on the Multitone phonograph co. It was in the old parks and rec building on Oxford. 1920's? Thanks for the great old Eau Claire stories!


Video FATFAR 2008

when you make a video don't wear flip flops...


Article Get Connected

I don't think this is exactly the first community web site in the area. We've had Chippewa Guide http://www.chippewaguide.com up for about 18 months now, and it has a lot of the same features. We've not had a whopping success with getting the local business community interested in purchasing advertising from a web-only publication, which is the primary reason we've not expanded more - but we do have reader commenting, reviews, and more, along with business and restaurant directories -- so although I'll certainly grant you that Volume One is glitzier, I don't think it's pioneering in its efforts - there are also quite a few other local community blogs and web sites, but I'm most familiar with our own.

Steve Hanson
Chippewa Guide