Post Seen That New Issue of Paste?

The lame part of that Leinie's thing? The article says "He's in a hooded sweatshirt, ratty jeans and a T-shirt advertising some Colorado brewery..."

The web version has been updated to say Wisconsin: http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2008/08/bon-iver.html


Post Let's Get Political!

I'm going to move to Canada if McCain wins - anyone who thinks that being American is more important than being a human has lost my vote.


Post Let's Get Political!

I was impressed by Palin and think its likely that she might help that ticket quite a bit. It does seem a little iffy that she be a "heartbeat" away from being president, but as a VP I think she has a shot at doing OK.


Post Let's Get Political!

Being human... what do you mean by that?

It is clear that all four of these folks, Pres/VP candidates, have some strengths and shortcomings. I wish the debating by media, and folks like us, were more realistic, measured, and factual. No non-incumbent pres. has experience being a president... killing unborn babies isn't an arguable point, but banning stem cell research from say umbilical cords, well, why is that a bad thing? No one wants to fight a war, but once there, simply up and leaving probably isn't the wisest choice, there needs to be some measured responses to all these issues... then we get somewhere I think.


Article My First Internet

The internet is a diverse tool. When I was younger I can say that I didn't need it. Sure it would be fun to keep in touch with friends and look up quick directions on map quest, but I could have gone without it. I can't say the same for me now as a college student. See before school I would use the internet for games and fun things. Now the internet is a must have for school. It is the best place to do research and keep in touch with your teachers. I would say that if you can balance your fun and your studies using the internet that it is a great thing. I am now completely addicted and it is totally beneficial for me. And fun for when I am bored!


Post Let's Get Political!

Have a nice trip trip to Canada...
take a few illegals from Mexico with you..


Post Let's Get Political!

On being human… Instead saying the thing that ties us together is being American you should say it’s that we’re all humans. Not all people are Americans, but we are all humans. This election is about much more than just America.

On my trip to Canada… Sure, I’m sure they would be more fun to talk to than someone like you who probably thinks the national language of America is English. People like you are what’s wrong with this country.


Post Let's Get Political!

Abuse of power investigation, abstinence only education, global warming not caused by humans, creationism in schools, even attempted book banning...Palin? No thanks.


Post Let's Get Political!

Being moderate/conservative I feel I am hopelessly in the minority here at V1, but I will share my opinions nonetheless.

Before the republican convention and John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin I was leaning more toward Barack Obama, but I must say now that I am absolutely undecided. I feel Sarah Palin was a great pick on McCain's part, and she has definitely re-energized the Republican ticket. However -- I am concerned about McCain's closeness to Bush, and this is what leads me to be completely unsure as to who to vote for.



I got to see Ralph -- it was a great experience. Though he will never be elected, it's great to know there are politicians out there who know what's going on in the world.


Post Let's Get Political!

Palin is more conservative than Bush, is an earmark queen, and brings absolutely NOTHING to the ticket that would benefit America. Not one thing. Can anyone tell me how she would shake things up? She has no experience on healthcare, and had the audacity to belittle community organizers (many of whom are people of the church, and would support her)... Pathetic. She's whiney, racist, and I have lost what little respect I had left for McCain. Sarah Palin is, without a doubt, more of the same.


Post Your Saturday To-Do List

don't forget the Grand Opening at Infinitea as well. They will have live music and such. They are downtown on Grand Ave. and they have totally awesome tea. Yes, tea.


Post Let's Get Political!

Ralph Nader's visit to town yesterday was a great addition to the political debate. What other candidate would allow Q/A from anyone in the audience, and then spend nearly an hour talking to attendees and signing books afterward? Nader even stopped for a photo at Joel's Water Street Auto before he left town!


Nick Martin

Article My First Internet

My experience with the internet is a little less obsessive. I never really was on the computer at home. never had a myspace or a facebook and I'm not not one for computer games. The internet has always been a great tool for viewing any type of info but i dont really have any care for it. But i cant be one to complain cause without the web the world would not be as it is today.


Photo EAUbama08

Does anyone know where I can get one of these shirts? Email me - rasmeric@gmail.com


Video UW-Stout United Against the WBC Protest

Having grown up at a time when my gay and lesbian friends were openly attacked with little recourse for their defense, it does my heart good to see these young people now stand up, nonviolently, for equality.