Article Downtown Digs for Seniors

replied to: I only know them from the failed downtown…

Failed Luxury apartment Project????


Article Downtown Digs for Seniors

replied to: Failed Luxury apartment Project????

The failed luxury lofts called 'The Grand'.

And, the failed Huebsch building condo project.


Post 5 Record-Breaking Wisconsin Winter Weather…

I grew up in Nekoosa, WI (Born 1940). I am now retired and live in Goodyear, AZ which is 20 miles west of Phoenix. I pray that you Wisconsinites are prepared for this Canadian winter freez and all goes well these next few days. Nekoosa is to reach a projected wind chill of -59. WOW! During this same time period Goodyear will reach 76 degrees. That’s a difference of 135 degrees. CRAZY! Still an avid Packer and Badger fan forever.


Article Tabby's Catfé in Meowmonie to Offer Food,…

I went into this place with my daughter that loves cats! It is terrific. She is now a UW Stout transfer student, but she'd like to see social gatherings or meet ups held here on a regular basis. I'd suggest having board game nights held on the weekends. I know my daughter would be a regular if she had something like this to do and also visit the amazing cats between her stressful weeks studying at the University. If you need more board games I'd be so willing to donate a few.


Article Writing History

I like that Ron is able to see beyond the "broadcast sports" and understand that many (most?) people, whether kids or parents, also like to have their sports accomplishments recognized even if it isn't broadcast.

J Maurer

Article The Art of Slow Cooking

There's a trend in the valley where suppliers are seeking out local farms that produce locally raised meat. The public is becoming more informed about factory farms and the high cost to their community. Karl’s Bar-B-Q Express please consider offering local, free range and organically raised animal products! Thanks for reading and responding!

J Maurer

Post Olson’s Ice Cream to Open Haymarket…

The Chippewa Valley is becoming more informed about factory farms and the high cost to their community. Olsen's: please consider offering local, grassfed and organically raised milk products! Thanks for reading and responding! Note that your soon to be neighboring ice cream parlor in Eau Claire does not offer ice cream made with organic milk!

Tom Jelen

Article Walking Through Graveyards

So very beautifully written Dan! I too have have through cemeteries in the past, once in a tiny town in the Deep South of Alabama. Saw the segregated graves removed from the other stones divided by an iron fence. But anymore, I go looking for mushrooms. Seems the fungi enjoy the quiet too!

Chris S

Post State Theatre Building Sold and Its Future…

Great news! I have heard so many people comment The State would either become another church (that pays no taxes) or fall into disrepair. The theater deserves to be a place for arts. It would be fine with me if it did compete with the new arts center, but I believe there is a stipulation that it cannot.


Article Walking Through Graveyards

A good friend passed away on February 4th some years ago, and when I've dreamt of him, I'm always the one to interrupt our time by saying, "David, you're not supposed to be here." When he doesn't quite understand, I then respond with, "You died a long time ago," and then I'm terribly sad that I've said such a thing. I always thought I was the only one who dreamt that their dead friend didn't quite know they were dead. Your story made me feel not so alone. Thank you, Dan.