Article Walking Through Graveyards

Dan, I would love to read what you would write if you could walk through New Orleans graveyards. There are many stories about them; some true, others true to only some. I feel reverence for all graveyards, but the ones in New Orleans make my heart beat faster than usual when I wander through them. Thank you for reminding me of them.


Article How ’bout them apples?

Since you like McIntosh, consider Empire. I think it superior in every way (but cannot tell you its hardiness. I live in zone 6!) In Spokane, WA the challenge is near-desert conditions. Winekist is ruby red inside and ripe July 20. I am trying Connell (bud sport of Fireside.) Love Hunt Russet and Claygate Pearmain.
Will try grafting MN 1734 this spring. How long does it keep?


Post 5 Record-Breaking Wisconsin Winter Weather…

I'd like to see the city start fining downtown businesses that fail to clear a pathway at intersections, leaving pedestrians to climb over three foot high snow banks and possibly fall into the path of motor vehicles.

Chris S

Post State Theatre Building Sold and Its Future…

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"In order to prevent the State from turning into a direct competitor of its replacement – the Pablo Center at the Confluence – ECRAC has draft restrictions on what the building’s new owners could use it for, Rasmussen said. However, she added, these restrictions are negotiable."


Post 5 of the Most Dangerous Animals in…

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Ok and wow, maybe deer, especially a Buck are very smart animals. I have been Deer hunting for for the past 45 years. Have kiiled my fare share. I live on 350 Acres in Northern WI. Have hit 9 deer and killed 4. Mostly on very wooded roads, it’s like they wait for a car then jump out. I drive a moderate 30 mph, they really are suspiciously dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to crossing the road!!


Shout I started digging a snow tunnel system…

UPDATE: Still alive. I found an outdoor power outlet (perhaps I passed through a park?) to charge phone. I burrowed into someone's compost bin and found old mushrooms to eat. The voices are still with me, they feel closer, always just around the last bend. I am positive there are animals tracking me ... waiting. But spirits are good. Today I heard a voice yell "Marco." A human voice, I think.


Post New Children’s Museum Will Share Space…

Wow -what a great development for our downtown. I always felt that the Family Resource Center belongs in the heart of our city, and so am glad it will return. The Children's Museum has always brought a nice family balance to the restaurants and businesses -- it will be great to see it now adjacent to Phoenix Park.


Post 7 Local Things We Miss

Remember Ron Buckli (Buckshot) vs. Peter Murphy (The Mystic and his Crystal Ball) - they had a local TV show highlighting their picks on upcoming sporting events - NFL, MLB, NBA, Local Sports.....


Post 7 Local Things We Miss

Here's some other fun places from the 70's

Trader and Trapper Night Club - Dance Club/Pool Bar - Live Bands...
The Oar House Tavern on Water Street
The Old Home Bar - I once drove my car a mile with an empty case of old milwaukee beer bottles on the top of my car to cash in on recycle and buy another case. Was wondering why everyone was honking and made it all the way there without the case falling off the top of the car. LOL!


Post 7 Local Things We Miss

How about the Bluegold Room in the late 60's and early 70's. Played baseball behind Campus School and then went to the Bluegold room where we bought cokes for ten cents, played pinball, and hung out in the cool inside from the humidity. Simple times.


Post 7 Local Things We Miss

Shakey's Pizza brings back many memories of birthday parties in the 60's and early 70's - silent movies on the big screen, darkly lit, bench seating, great pizza's and endless pitchers of coke and root beer so good so good so good


Post 7 Local Things We Miss

replied to: Ron.. it was the ORIGINAL Copp's back in…

I worked at Copps at nights. I was there the night the big tornado hit and devasted Eau Claire. National Guard came in. I remember hiding in the walk in refer, then seeing the power lines dangling and sparking from inside the front door, then getting a ride home, and not being able to see my hand in front of me because of the power outage, flicking my lighter to get home, and then finding nobody home. Very eery night.