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Best, best, best! I was recently listening to a lecture from the Poundstone Institute with Professor Carl Bergstrom from the University of Washington. His lecture was from the course "Calling Bullshit". While listening to the lecture I thought of a category for your Best of the Chippewa Valley reader poll. Best Bullshit. I think almost every category participant would qualify.


Article 27 Years, 80 Acres

Beautifully written and described story about this photo book of God's Country here in Western Wisconsin.


Post 5 of the Most Dangerous Animals in…

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I'm curious as to why are you say "especially a Buck" is a very smart animal when talking about deer. To me, a buck and a doe have the same intelligence, because in my 20+ years in Wisconsin, I haven't seen either display a level of intelligence beyond the other.


Shout Great job on the alternate side parking…

Agreed. I'm really tired of clearing the end of my driveway twice. Once when the plow goes around those who can't be bothered to cooperate and again later after they finally drive off (with snow all over their side and rear windows) and the plows push the snow that was stacked around them. Classic situation of idiots making a bad situation worse.


Shout I started digging a snow tunnel system…

UPDATE: I have no concept of day or night, up or down, or when I'm awake or dreaming. Wherever I dig, more snow. I have befriended a colony of rabbits. They hear the voices, too.


Shout Great job on the alternate side parking…

My garbage hauler couldn't get down our street all week because the "kolludj stoonts" either don't know what odd and even numbers are or are too hypnotized by their phones to know what the date is. At least one of them apparently lost a side mirror because of their ignorance/laziness.

Neal Griffin

Article Finding Your Tribe

I stumbled onto the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild a year or so ago. I had a chance to spend some time with founder B.J. Hollars (is that a writer's name, or what?) and members of the CVWG. They're an amazing 'tribe' of writers and storytellers. This piece by Katie Venit, truly captures the joy of their tight knit but extremely welcoming community. Great writing Katie!


Article Finding Your Tribe

Hi friends! Another writer here, and I just wanted to kindly point out that when you say "tribe," I think what you really mean is "community" or "team." Debbie Reese is the founder of American Indians in Children's Literature, and she wrote a piece that you may be interested in reading. Its focus is on educators, but writers may be interested in reading what Dr. Reese says as we, too, know that our words matter. ;)


Article Finding Your Tribe

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Also, fellow friends from Volume One may also want to check out Dr. Reese's article.


Post 5 Record-Breaking Wisconsin Winter Weather…

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I remember this! -60 in Rice Lake WI. Why is it that not many recognize this event? The records don’t seem to show it, but I remember. Just goes to show that the records don’t cover everything.


Post 5 Record-Breaking Wisconsin Winter Weather…

replied to: I remember this! -60 in Rice Lake WI. Why…

I don’t know why the records don’t properly reflect this. Perhaps those who were responsible did not properly report or document this. That’s my guess. All you hear is the Couderay BS. What’s the point of having a record if it’s not correct? Anyone who was in the area at the time and was not sleeping in the early morning hours can testify to this temp. All of the thermometers in the area displayed the same -60, including the bank. With multiple temp readings all over the area, it becomes more difficult to say that they all were wrong.