Charles Kuehn

Article A Man in the Woods Critiques a Man of the…

Mr. Timberlake is no more a musician by any definition than are Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande. All are media creations who've been highly produced into a mold that sells to lemmings who know no better. True musicianship is embodied by the likes of Vince Gill, Russell Smith, Patty Loveless, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Lowell George and others of too numerous to mention. Those who know the difference don't need the list.

Jane Schley

PhotoSet Welcome to Snow Mountain 2019

Isn’t this the lot city just sold to a developer to build apartments? Hope we have another site for snow storage next year ! How much salt runoff will end up in the river below hill ?


Article Downtown Eau Claire Lot Eyed for…

replied to: Any idea of what’s going on with the…

Good question. Might it have something to do with coming major repairs to Dewey St bridge & the possibility of the City putting a pedestrian underpass thru to the Huebsch lot?


Article Downtown Eau Claire Lot Eyed for…

I’m in downtown several times a week and I’ve never seen it with full street parking. I’ve also never seen the parking ramps anywhere close to full.

If you look at old photo’s of cities, Eau Claire included, you don’t see downtowns full of parking lots you see them full of people and businesses doing business, employing people, paying taxes. We need to get back to that.


Article The Public Library

As a library assistant, I feel so warmed by this.

6 monty

Article Silly & Spicy: New downtown EC Mexican…

replied to: SO happy they want to source locally!

Sourcing locally is great, if you squander it on crappy food that nobody likes, that’s a waste. I give it 6 months.

Norma Broten

Article The Public Library

Thank you for this essay that warmed my heart.


Article New Wisconsin-themed eatery replaces…

There’s a Wisconsin themed burger place in Spokane, Wa with burgers named for Wisconsin cities. The food was great, but I was bummed that there was no Eau Claire burger.

As for this place I’m not at all interested in another chain place out by the highway trying to act authentic, which will be replaced in a couple years by another chain place also trying to act authentic.

william sanders

Article A Hitt Performance: Jazz album inspired by…

I bought her first cd in Fargo while on a tour of the Dakotas in 2000. Great knowing she's still performing!
William Sanders
Williston Park NY

Rachel Goodpaster

Article On Track for Extreme Thunder

replied to: No Pow-Wow? Not interested.

The article says more activities may be added as this event developes. I love watching the relays but your right, a Pow Wow would really step this event up a notch. Adding a Pow Wow could draw the attention of those who travel the country on the Pow Wow circuit.

Michael Edwards

Article You Can Help Earthbound Win $50k Grant…

Earthbound represents what all garbage companies should at least be trying to do. They are the start of great future things to come!


Article Kizik & Catharsis: Portland transplant…

Eric, Andrea and all of V1-

Thank you so much for this write-up! You were both a pleasure to talk to and work with. Your interest and support means the world to us!

Josh and Kizik