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Just wanted to point out that “hi” is a greeting. The word you’re looking for is “high.” Genius.


Article Willing to Collaborate

Collaboration is important to millennials. Milliennials value collaboration. Share space. It expands the creativity. Sharing is good. Creativity is good. All for one and one for all. Find your passion. Find your passion amongst others. Shared spaces, safe spaces. Feeling safe is good.


Article Willing to Collaborate

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Great observation ... each generation has its own set of buzzwords that stand out to and seem meaningless to the previous generation. Astute.


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Some of the water pipes that will get replaced in this project were installed in the 19-teens! It’s probably time for an upgrade.

Since the Roosevelt Street roundabout is mostly for UWEC traffic is there any chance the UWEC is going to help pay for it?

diane fischer

Listing Halfen Garden Center and Hosta Heaven

would they consider delivering a forsythia? I live 3 hrs. away and would like to surprise my sister, who lives on mansfield street in chippewa falls, with a very nice plant?

Jerome Weisser

Article Circular Reasoning: Three roundabouts…

We had them in New Jersey back at turn of the last century. Did not like them then as they cause some confusion. But,they seem to work.

Charles Kuehn

Article Cracking the (Area) Code

Good on you, Ms. Kay, for seeing a need and eschewing the tiresome trends. God knows there is a saturation of sports bars and burger joints, while true supper clubs are becoming hard to find. Even the once-venerable Chicken Chasers here in Fall Creek, since a change of proprietorship several years ago, has been turned from a quite place to have a drink, food and conversation with friends, into just another noisy sports bar. It will be nice to have a new member to help alleviate the current dearth of places where one can enjoy a meal without being assaulted by the roar of the stadium from multiple directions. A sincere thanks to Ms. Kay for something badly needed.

Charles Kuehn

Post Work Begins to Light up Grand Ave. Bridge

Possibly a slightly wider detour should be encouraged so that its followers could get a glimpse of the decrepit condition of your streets beyond the riverfront facade, and thus an overview of their community's skewed spending priorities.


Article Weld at the Helm

We are extremely happy with this result. As a left leaning young couple living in Eau Claire, the waters have been moving a bit far to the left within the council, and we believed it was important to have someone as president who did not run with any particular party affiliation. The council president should be a non-partisan entity, who is able to bring folks from all sides to the table (not just far left progressive). This city is filled with folks on all sides of the spectrum, and we appreciated Terry's respect to this fact. Good luck Terry! Look forward to following the council's accomplishments under your leadership~


Article Cracking the (Area) Code

What really "makes" a true Super Club is great food, affordable food, plentiful food. Dinner for two and a couple drinks should not cost over $45-50.

james j james

Article Cracking the (Area) Code

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That is a very "Eau Claire" opinion on what a meal should be and cost, and it's wishful thinking. I've worked in the industry in various places and understand what's happening in other cities. You want truly great food and lots of it, AND good drinks for $45 for TWO people?! In any relevant city in the world, people would know that's not really possible. A truly great supper club meal (meaning actually quality ingredients) in a "plentiful" quantity, plus a good drink, isn't really doable at a $23/person price point without a serious compromise on quality or quantity. Unless your bar for what's good is just REALLY low. The problem is that the palate of the typical dining customer in Eau Claire hasn't really experienced much of real quality meals – and it's not their fault, there just haven't been many options. Plentiful, yes. But actual quality, no. If you want prices like that, you're asking for the place to close fairly soon.