QUIET = quietists united in enjoying tranquility

Post IT'S HAPPENING: Downtown Speakers Pumping…

Looks like there might be apartments above the ground floor businesses. I know I'd sure hate to have to hear music outside my apt all the time! My thinking is 'if ya want to hear music, wear earphones and let those who appreciate peace and quiet alone!'


Shout DO you guys remember the "Brass Gavel"…

The Brass Gavel opened in April of 1984 was closed for awhile reopened as The Bread Box and Deli and closed in May 2003. The owners are alive and well still living in Eau Claire and reminisce about all the wonderful people and experiences at the restaurant.

Very Unlikely

Article 10 Real Chippewa Valley Haunts

Hate to break it to ya – but these are all real places. Now are the ghosts real? Very unlikely.

Come on

Post IT'S HAPPENING: Downtown Speakers Pumping…

Love the music downtown...never had music in any other city or town that I lived in. May not be to your liking, but lets embrace it a bit; Appreciate your situation. Life doesn't have to be so darn snarky-