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Shoe Box Show Art Auction

library art reception raises funds to improve its gallery space

Brendan McCarty, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If good things come in small packages, which package is best suited to works of art? According to L.E. Phillips Memorial Library, a shoebox should be just about right.

Make Birds Not War

new book captures the lighter side of birding

Brendan McCarty, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Steve Betchkal is a man on a mission. The local television journalist, ornithologist, and writer wants to create nature books that are actually fun to read. “The first thing I think is, ‘If I were reading this, what would entertain me?’ ”

Bloomer Teen Publishes Young Adult Novel

Brendan McCarty

Upstart local author Amelia Kimball, who just graduated from Bloomer High School and is an incoming freshman at UW-Eau Claire, used to write for herself, but now she hopes to reach others. Kimball started writing to pass the time while she waited for

Unprofessional Fishermen

local web video series brings fishing shows down to earth

Brendan McCarty

“The guys out there on TV with all that stuff just aren’t representing a lot of us,” says Chance Orth, an Eau Claire native and one of the founding members of the web series Unprofessional Fisherman.

Double the Tunes

local musician starts outdoor music series in Altoona, Chippewa Falls

Brendan McCarty

Szydel envisioned something bigger. He saw the City Park setting as a great venue for other bands looking to expand their base, and he reached out to the local music community.