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Downtown Abbey

new Menomonie pub offers cozy, old-world vibe

Betty Nikia, photos by Timothy Mather

A new pub has risen from the metaphorical ashes of Ba Da Bingz in Menomonie, opening its doors on Jan. 24. The Abbey Pub & Grub at 414 Main St. E. gives nod to elements of monastery style, as well as Irish and English pubs. Co-owner ...

Meander into Some Art

annual autumn art tour starts in Chippewa Falls

Betty Nikia, photos by Nick Meyer

If you don’t know about the Fall Splendor Art Meander, or weren’t able to catch it last year, you’re in luck! Back for its third year, the 2012 Fall Splendor Art Meander is happening Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22-23. According to the Heyde ...

Punching Up Your Workout

The Garrison offers fitness through Mixed Martial Arts

Betty Nikia, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In September 2009, Brandon Nunley was visiting his fiancée’s family in Eau Claire after studying Muay Thai for a year in Thailand, followed by a year of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with Brazilian Top Team in Brazil. At the time ...

Pale Kid Who Raps Fast Headed to UW-Eau Claire

Betty Nikia

The winner of the Brave New Voices award for the 2006 National Poetry Slam, George Watsky, will be spouting lyrics at super-human speed at UWEC on April 24. Watsky, “a versatile lyricist who switches between silly and serious, technically ...

Mal Blum

emotive songstress to croon at Infinitea Teahouse

Betty Nikia

Blum was chatting with Zoe Boekbinder while scheduling gigs on her way to Minneapolis when Zoe mentioned that Mal should check out Eau Claire on her way through. A little over a year ago Zoe and Dakota Belle joined then-new band Adelyn Rose and ...


local songstress signed to worldwide label

Betty Nikia

Yohuna gets signed to worldwide label

Betty Nikia

I was able to catch up with Yohuna before she took off to play on the road. I asked her about a tweet she threw up on January 3 saying, “After tonight I'm done playing Revery songs. Washing my hands of it!”

Cashore Marionettes

renowned master puppeteers headed to UW-Eau Claire

Betty Nikia

Watching Joseph Cashore’s marionettes is like stepping back in time, before mass production, when craftsmanship breathed life into inanimate objects. His characters are emotive ...

Former Eau Clarian's Hilarious Collection of Short Stories

Betty Nikia

Ken Brosky, 2004 UW-Eau Claire alum, has recently released a book called The Unauthorized Biography of Michele Bachmann and Other Stories. Ten short stories and one essay explore the theme of survival, including a story about ...

Your Guide to Drag Queenery

local drag icon creates informational YouTube video series

Betty Nikia

Local celebrity Miss Dee-Lovely has been working on video tutorials revealing the secrets behind the dramatic looks she rocks on stage. The series, called Dee-Lusions of Grandeur, is on her YouTube channel and updates are posted to her Facebook page.

Local video series offers tips on Drag Queenery

Betty Nikia

Local celebrity Miss Dee-Lovely has been working on video tutorials revealing the secrets behind the dramatic looks she rocks on stage. The series, called Dee-Lusions of Grandeur, is on her YouTube channel and updates are posted to her Facebook page.

Sweet & Savory

“cookie shop” opens on Water Street

Betty Nikia, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sweet & Savory has been open at 310 Water Street since August, though Colleen Wojcik has actually been there for a year, using the space for her Elder Valley salad dressing business. She recently decided to open it up for coffee, baked goods...

UWEC's Eau Queer Film Festival Returns

Betty Nikia

The Eau Queer Film Festival is back for its second year at UWEC, running Oct. 13-16 and featuring 12 full-length films and 10 shorts. Three mini-documentaries were created by the 14 students who traveled to San Francisco for the second...

Ride the Divide

special screening of award-winning biking documentary

Betty Nikia

On March 8, Ride The Divide, the award-winning feature-length documentary about the world’s toughest mountain bike race, will be screened at the Micon Cinemas in Chippewa Falls. Ride The Divide made its television premiere in September...

Into the Mainstream

professors create book of essays on Queer Cinema

Betty Nikia

When two UW-Eau Claire faculty members went to a 2007 Midwest Modern Language Association to co-chair a panel on “New Queer Cinema,” they returned with a project that culminated recently in a book called Coming Out to the Mainstream: New Queer Cinema

Frozen River Film Festival to Refreeze

Betty Nikia

The Frozen River Film Festival will once again bring global experiences to Winona from Jan. 26 to 30 through films, discussions, workshops, and events.

African Acrobats International

big-time Kenyan performance group comes to the Heyde

Betty Nikia

Members of African Acrobats International hail from Kenya and describe their show as “part Cirque du Soleil, part Harlem Globetrotters.” Based in Las Vegas, the group has performed for Walt Disney Parks, the Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show ...

Art Crawl Trolling for Artists

Betty Nikia

In February of 2009, Eau Claire experienced the inception of the Art Crawl at Banbury Place’s building 13.

Infinitea Tries a Poetry Slam on for Size

Betty Nikia

It’s been a little quiet on the poetry front in Eau Claire lately, so Infinitea owners Drew Seveland and Jeff Mares have decided to shake things up.

Talk Derby to Me

the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls stake their claim as our area's first roller derby league

Betty Nikia

Jessi was responding to a blog post on VolumeOne.org that noted how the similar-sized community of La Crosse has two established roller derby teams (plus regional ones in Minneapolis and Madison), so why not Eau Claire?

Eau Queer Film Festival

UWEC students create new LGBTQ festival on campus

Betty Nikia

This fall, UW-Eau Claire will host its inaugural Eau Queer Film Festival – the culmination of an LGBTQA travel seminar through the Women’s Studies program.

Short and Sweet

Menomonie Theater Guild stages Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Betty Nikia, photos by Leah Dunbar

This fall, the Chippewa Valley continues its evolution into more provocative theater productions with the Menomonie Theater Guild presentation of the cult film sensation Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Success Story #2

how a street obstruction trained drivers to see pedestrians on Water Street

Betty Nikia

If you’ve ever tried crossing the street at the intersection of Water Street and Fourth Avenue, it can feel a bit like Frogger.

Radical Idea: No Park

progressive utilization of rarely inhabited fire hydrant spaces

Betty Nikia

As the population grows and automobiles continue to be a primary mode of transportation, we are forced to come up with more inventive solutions for our green spaces as well as more nuanced approaches to reducing the impact.

Valleycat Purrs Into Action

fourth installment of Valley’s own alley cat bike race looms

Betty Nikia, photos by Drew Kaiser

For anyone who has not been able to catch the EC Valleycat Race or was too intimidated to give it a shot, 2010 is the best year yet to enter.

Mages + The Heart Pills

up-and-coming local alt-folksters hit The Nucleus

Betty Nikia, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Although both bands loosely share the tag “Americana,” their musical personalities feel more like an older sister to a younger brother.

Progressive Film Festival

festival's films aim to raise awareness(es)

Betty Nikia

The festival is a non-profit, independent, community-based event that strives to raise awareness of ideas/issues and hopefully lead to action.

Posters & Pin-Ups

Steve Bateman returns to Tangled Up in Hue this month with a new show

Betty Nikia

Steve Bateman returns to Tangled Up in Hue this month with a show entitled Posters & Pin-Ups. As the owner of Postergirl Art, he has designed and created a dynamic collection of screen-printed posters.

Downtown EC Art Venues Consider Monthly Crawls

Betty Nikia

Drew Seveland, co-owner of Infinitea Tea House, appreciates the many art events going on in Eau Claire; now he just wants to coordinate a way for a cluster of them to happen on the same night.

Local Indpendence Radio Show Rockets to 3 Hours

local music and arts radio show extends to multi-hour format

Betty Nikia

If you don’t feel sated by one hour of Local Independence Sunday nights on WUEC or you can never quite catch that one spot, you will now be able to listen to three full hours of local and regional artists beginning March 14

Frozen River Film Fest Finds Food Focus

Betty Nikia

The Frozen River Film Festival in Winona, MN offers tools for people to become actively engaged in their world, and to create substantial connection, understanding, and change in the face of shared challenges.


illustration exhibition showcases popular film, book artists

Betty Nikia

The Foster Gallery is hosting a show appealing to fine artists and media junkies alike ...

Tangled Up in Suspensions

Betty Nikia

If you haven’t gone to Tangled Up In Hue for an art show yet, let Sammy Jean Wilson’s show Anatomical Autonomy be your ice-breaker.

A Grand Little New Year

show promises a handful of bands + fistfuls of cheese puffs

Betty Nikia, photos by Frank H. Robinson

If you still haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans, a new event just popped up that promises dancing, moshing, and cheese puffs.

Locals Shoot Some Tunes

ambitious UWEC students start music video blog

Betty Nikia, photos by Leader-Telegram

“I think originally I had the notion that I’ll just film people I know, and we’ll see where it takes off,” says Fountain, “but already in the fifth segment I’m contacting people I’ve never talked to before and we’re getting good responses.”

The Cord Wrangler

Betty Nikia

Wrangling computer cords into submission is an ongoing battle. Solutions have been attempted, but many left much to be desired. Micah Maraia knew there had to be a better way.

Polo on Wheels (with pictures!)

group in Menomonie reintroducing bike polo

Betty Nikia, photos by Jesse Johnson

Bike polo has been making a comeback from the early 1900s through fixed gear culture and Christenson wanted to be a part of that resurgence.

Rolling with The Punches

an update on local roller derby

Betty Nikia

Local Jessi Wright was the first person to bypass the notion that “someone” should start a roller derby team in the Chippewa Valley.

Stella Goes Outside

Betty Nikia, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Spring has finally won out over winter, and the iron gate to the Stella Blues outdoor dining patio has swung open.

Galloway Goes Outside

Betty Nikia

Steel and aluminum bistro sets are sprouting like tulips on restaurant patios at the moment

Bike Chat

Betty Nikia

Getting your bike gears turning ...