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Where Do Wisconsin Vegetarians Eat Out?

Brian Sheridan, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Timothy Mather

With deep farmland roots and dairy running through the blood of every Wisconsinite, it’s not the easiest place to be a vegetarian or a vegan ...

7 Cheesy Wisconsin Cheese Stats

Brian Sheridan, Mike Paulus

If you haven’t been on the edge of all your Wisconsin agricultural news, then you’re missing out some cheesy new numbers published by Wisconsin AgConnection. In short we're shredding it ...

What Are We Doing Wrong With Our Cheeses?

Brian Sheridan

It’s not often that Wisconsin is paired with words like “sophisticated” or “abstruse,” – unless one is referring to our love and knowledge of the Cheese Arts.

What Does Wisconsin Google More Than Other States?

Brian Sheridan

Estately has compiled Google trend data to show what each state Googled more than any other state in 2015. Each state seems to have covered every one of the biggest stories to hit the mainstream media last year ...

UW-Stout's Game Design Program Levels Up

Brian Sheridan

UW-Stout’s game design and development program has been recognized on a national scale for the fourth year in a row, and it's been named by Princeton Review to be one of the best in North America ...

Local Cheesemaker Wins World Championship (in Cheese)

Brian Sheridan

Wisconsin’s most prestigious Gouda cheesemaker is back at it again, this time winning awards on a global level. Western Wisconsin’s Marieke Gouda went to the World Champion Cheese Contest ...

Skatepark Seeks Kickstarter Help

Brian Sheridan

After officially opening doors and ramps on Feb. 5, Urban Roots Skatepark has been doing its best to provide a place for skaters to gather and perform radical tricks among their fellow brethren. Now that owner Christian Peterson has filled the region’s need for an indoor skatepark, he’s looking to return all profits ...

Someone Ranked Wisconsin's 'Most Boring Cities'

Brian Sheridan

Every Wisconsin road trip usually involves going through that one middle-of-nowhere town that appears devoid of all hope and happiness. It makes folks wonder what caused people to settle in such a dreary, sullen location ...

Are These the Best Burgers in Wisconsin?

Brian Sheridan

In 1885, the rest of the country may not have known it yet, but Wisconsin did America the biggest solid you can give a nation: As legend has it, we brought delicious hamburgers to the world ...

Wisconsin’s Most Popular Valentine's Day Gift by Google Search

Brian Sheridan

Check out this map – it uses Google Trends to show “what presents Americans are considering for their special someone by running hundreds of possible gift-related searches.” Not the most accurate assessment of each state’s romantic gift giving preferences, but it kind of shows ...

New Details on The Lismore’s Food and Drink Offerings

Brian Sheridan

In case you hadn’t heard, three new restaurant and bar venues will be opening this spring – part of downtown’s new hotel project, The Lismore. The venues have been named and the menus are in development ...

Wisconsin's Most Distinctive Slang Word

Brian Sheridan

If you have a craving for a refreshing strawberry cabinet, you’re either psychotic, or from Rhode Island. To an outsider, a state’s slang words can cause a lot of confusion, like when you say you’re drinking a cabinet but mean a milkshake ...