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Barbara Tzetzo Gosch


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Hope for Dummies

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

It would be easy to say / take two aspirin today / and when you wake up / it will all be okay. ...

Successful Similarities?

rising cities Eau Claire and Buffalo, N.Y., follow similar paths

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

While creating a “sweet” American Dream story about my Albanian immigrant family’s candy business – which grew to become the largest in western New York – I had an “aha!” moment ...

Risks are Never Easy

a local restaurant manager’s struggles to relocate from Albania

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

He came to America just like my dad – to have a better life. He had jobs such as a waiter, butcher, airport driver, restaurant employee, and factory worker. Sometimes he worked two full-time jobs.

Connections or Coincidences?

dream experiences force reflection on the unexplainable

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

She proceeded to tell me that ... she saw auras around people and ... dreamt about a large rock