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EverGreen Grass Band

bluegrass band breaks from the norm on debut disc

Martha Galep, photos by Frank H. Robinson

It is always reason to celebrate when a favorite band releases their first CD. Bluegrass and string band fans in the Valley will find much to enjoy on the new CD from EverGreen Grass Band.


folk group prepares to lead the next generation of the local music scene

Ian Jacoby, photos by Frank H. Robinson

If there’s one trend that we can pull from these crops of local and semi-local musicians and make it more than a passing fad, I hope it’s the sense of community that all of these bands instill ...

No Brand Con IX

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Wisconsin's premiere anime convention – No Brand Con – returned for its ninth year in Eau Claire with a weekend of Anime, gaming, and fan-fueled hijinx. Ever popular events included the cosplay contest, Saturday night dance, the MAN auction ...

Barn to Hold Bluegrass Show

Grandpa Lloyd’s Horse Barn brings in formidable acts

Martha Galep, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Chippewa Valley bluegrass fans have a chance to kick up their heels at the area’s first big gospel bluegrass show.

Mages + The Heart Pills

up-and-coming local alt-folksters hit The Nucleus

Betty Nikia, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Although both bands loosely share the tag “Americana,” their musical personalities feel more like an older sister to a younger brother.


online museum project chronicles regional culture

Emily Kuhn, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“If you’ve gone tubing at FATFAR, write about it. If you saw a celebrity down at The Joynt, write about it.” – CVM Editor Frank Smoot on the broad range of topics ChippePedia.org will include

Reinforced Metal

strong lineup (and a demo) emerges in local metal crew Silenize

Andrew Patrie, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“I discovered (Nate) singing karaoke in a bar, some Pantara song, or was it Pat Benatar?” – Silenize’s drummer, Greg, on discovering their guitarist/vocalist

A Grand Little New Year

show promises a handful of bands + fistfuls of cheese puffs

Betty Nikia, photos by Frank H. Robinson

If you still haven’t made New Year’s Eve plans, a new event just popped up that promises dancing, moshing, and cheese puffs.

LISTEN: Greg Gilbertson

after a brief break, he’s back with new material

Megan Ault, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“I didn’t really expect to become a musician or anything, but it just sort of happened. Music just kind of takes over sometimes, whether you want it to or not.”


photos by Nikki Humphrey, Frank H. Robinson

Monster of a Show

locals stage original Frankenstein adaptation

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“As soon as you walk into the building, it’ll be like stepping into the story ... and that just gives me chills.”

Laarks Go Kosher

Laarks sign with Absolutely Kosher, plan album re-release and tour

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

The band’s hard work is coming to fruition in the shape of a record deal with one of the most well-known indie-rock labels in the business.

Just Metal

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Mud Bog Mega Set: 14th Annual Pioneer Park Mud Bog

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Saturday July 4 saw the 14th Annual Pioneer Park Mud Bog & Tuff Truck event at Pioneer Park, 3 miles south of Eau Claire. The noon show featured showroom stocks, super stocks, modifieds and the Tuff Truck Contest, The ...

Ooo. Aaa.

photos by Frank H. Robinson

It Could Be Greased Lightnin'!

private collector puts seven golden-era cars on display

Briana Krantz, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Have you ever actually had to wipe drool from your mouth after admiring the curves or fins of old cars?

Worms at School

Chippewa Falls students are learning in the dirt

photos by Frank H. Robinson

With 1,100 school lunch plates created daily, there is no shortage of worm food. Yes, "worm food."

They'll Slot You In

60s racing sensation returns to popularity

Lisa de Felice, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“Everyone has a great big smile on their face when they do it.” – Todd Blaeser

NoBrandCon 2009

photos by Frank H. Robinson

Friday-Sunday (4/24-4/26), Wisconsin's premiere anime convention was held at the Ramada Convention Center in downtown Eau Claire. Featured events included a costume contest, 24-hour anime theaters, and a Saturday night dance.