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Borders Be Gone

as one story ends, perhaps a new chapter can begin ... turn the page

Eric Rasmussen, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

It’s the economic circle of life. Now we all hate to see Borders go, but that opens the door for something even better. Maybe some enterprising local can open an amazing store downtown.

Harness the Impulse

the symbiotic relationship between an individual and the community

Nick Meyer, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

As you’ve likely noticed if you’ve been down Barstow Street in the last couple of weeks, the sidewalks are now populated with a charming variety of figurative and abstract sculptures, from a giant reclining turtle and a great dane trying to shake you

Travel Story: Life on Mars

a volcano-traversing trip to Maui

Katie Venit, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

Eventually the path brought us below the clouds, and the landscape turned into a verdant rainforest and savanna-like grassland. Our first night’s cabin sat at the base of a cliff dotted with trees, and we fell asleep after watching the moon.

Thai-ing one on

Thailand’s “same same but different” style of acclimating yankees

Jodie Arnold, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

They tell you “Same Same But Different” to reassure you that, while their eight-pronged dinner fork looks different than the average one, it really is the same. But then you bring it home, stab yourself in the mouth, and realize you just ...

Surprise Hits

things I didn’t know about coaching little league

Trevor Kupfer, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

I could see what little amount of confidence they had instantly drop from their scared stare, as if to say, “Oh, so I have to worry about this now, too. Thanks, Coach. Thanks a lot. Now I have a complex. And I hate you.” It was a very vivid stare.

Union Made

Growing up with Schlitz-drinking, Lazy @#$%, Trailer Trash, Redneck Communists

Ken Szymanski, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

After reading an article online about the hullabaloo in Madison, I made a mistake. I clicked the “Read Comments” button. Armed with the courage of anonymity, hundreds blasted union members, teachers in particular, who they viewed as taxpayer parasite

Walking into Winter

the frosty reflections of a ‘clean’ commuter in the wintertime

Bob Eierman, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

There is an outlaw feel to being a winter pedestrian/biker in America. To not drive is to strike out and be different. People are outwardly supportive, but I get the feeling that many wonder why I don’t just get back in my car.

Finding Our Way

Northern Wisconsin adventure tests faith

Ken Szymanski, illustrated by Garrett Brunker

When Conrad reaches for the gas pump, his jacket spreads to reveal a Green Bay Packer sweatshirt. The emblem is bigger than a watermelon. Above it, in lightning font, are these words: You Gotta Believe.