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the state of the Chippewa Valley's computer gaming scene

Matt Ledger, photos by Marisa Wojcik, Andrea Paulseth

It started in 1997 as a simple birthday party. Monty Peterson and his friends got together to celebrate by networking their computers and beating the crap out of each other inside some of their favorite video games ...

Tandem bike scene to explode this weekend

Matt Ledger

Calling all tandem bike riders! Get excited, because this weekend the tandem bike group known as Couples On Wheels (or COWs) is hosting its annual Spring Rally in Chippewa Falls.

Secret Chefs Invade Madison?

Matt Ledger

All you loyal Volume One readers have, of course, heard of guerilla gardening, but have you heard of guerilla dining (aka the “popup restaurant” phenomenon)? It’s all the rage in Madison, at least according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Fair and Unbalanced

Second City Touring Company returns to State Theatre

Matt Ledger

So here’s what you need to know about The Second City: they’re based out of Chicago and they’re in the business of being funny. They’ve been in that business for 50 years now, and in that time the sketch comedy group has counted people with names ...

Local Musicians, Underdog Radio Wants Your Stuff

Matt Ledger

Osseo musician Brian Bethke recently brought his Underdog Radio station online. Its mission? To bring independent music to the masses, and it wants to do that by accepting YOUR submitted tracks and playing them on the digital air.

WAMI Looks Northward Once More

Matt Ledger

It seems it’s not quite as impossible as it once was to get noticed by the folks at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. The Daredevil Christopher Wright has been nominated for Best Alternative Band – and they're actually playing the awards show.

Junior Links

a great opportunity to get youths involved in golf

Matt Ledger

The re-tooled Chippewa Valley Golf Association Junior Tour is only in its second year, but those involved believe it’s on track for greatness. Which is easy to see given the low price and great courses...

Local 'Dork Nerd Geek' podcast exactly what it sounds like

Matt Ledger

Dorks! Nerds! Geeks! Suffer in silence no longer, for there are those who have heard your cries for a podcast having covering all manner of geekitude. It's called Dork Nerd Geek and Freak of the Week, and it's here for you, straight outta Menomonie.

Next Week: A Local Meeting to Save the Arts

Matt Ledger

We all know massive cuts are coming for the funding of the Wisconsin Arts Board and other state arts programs, but the question now is this: what can we do about it? That’s exactly what the Executive Director of Arts Wisconsin is looking to discuss.

Stout takeout goes reusable

Matt Ledger

UW-Stout’s been offering compostable takeout containers for two years now, but this February the school decided to take it a step further and offer takeout containers that are completely reusable as well. The containers cost students $5 a piece ...

Deceased deer photo garners praise for (live) Stout prof.

Matt Ledger

It’s rare to turn your hobby into something that wins you international acclaim, but it’s probably even rarer when your hobby is taking photographs of dead deer. Try telling that to UW-Stout art professor Amy Fichter, though.

March Madness: The Game

Matt Ledger

Addictinggames.com's March Mania game is designed to embed you in the basketball madness, letting you take it to the virtual court and dominate your own tournament bracket.

Keeping Your Cool

Lucas K & the Cool Hand Saints funk up the Sheeley House

Matt Ledger, photos by Mike O'Brien

When you get a look at the instrumental lineup for Lucas K and the Cool Hand Saints, your mind might not automatically jump to awesome funk rock. And that’s understandable, because...

UPDATE: Girl Scout Cookies at The Local Store

Matt Ledger

V1 is prepared to unleash something so horrible, so dreadfully awful, that none who enter our store will be able to resist. That’s right, on March 16, our Local Store will play host to … a cute little Girl Scout selling delicious Girl Scout Cookies.

Downtown EC's first First Fridays = good stuff at the Local Store

Matt Ledger

Did you know that this Friday is the first Friday of March? What, you did? Oh. Well, Mr./Ms. Smarty-Pants, did you know that downtown Eau Claire plans to make the first Friday in March into the most exciting Friday in March? And so is Volume One.

Local singer lampoons java juggernaut

Matt Ledger

Given the chance to submit to Folgers’ 2011 jingle contest, Michael Rambo created what he calls the “anti-jingle,” aiming to promote fair trade and economic sustainability over people's desire to drink a cheap cup of coffee.

What the what? Free downloadable music from the library!

Matt Ledger

Our local library is offering a downloadable music service that’s completely legal – and completely free! It gives library card holders access to the entire Sony Music Entertainment catalog. That’s thousands of artists across fifty record labels.

Saturday: Everything Must Go at CVTC's Surplus Auction

Matt Ledger

Are you a savvy consumer looking for deals on everything from retro office chairs to 17-foot boat hulls? Well, have we got an auction for you! Chippewa Valley Technical College is holding a Surplus Auction this Saturday, Feb. 19, in which they ...

Catholic Church approves apparition in Champion, Wis.

Matt Ledger

Holy apparition-loving shrines, Batman! According to The Huffington Post, the Catholic Church has recognized the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wis. as an official apparition site of the Virgin Mary. After years of investigation ...

From Fanboy to Filmmaker

a talk with the man who brought Batman to the silver screen

Matt Ledger

Mark your Bat-Calendar for March 8, because UWEC is bringing Michael Uslan, the executive producer behind the modern Batman movie franchise (and yes, that list includes both Batman and Robin and The Dark Knight, and no, I don’t know how that works ei

Lone Not Alone

local artist relying on comic book community for support

Matt Ledger, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“If you’re thinking about drawing, what I’d say to do is just go to as many conventions as you can and ask them what you can fix. I’ve just been amazed at how many of these guys have got your back.” – burgeoning comic artist Mark Lone

Wis. Arts Board grants communities a chance to get creative

Matt Ledger

Hey, art educators and local artists. It’s time to get creative, because the Wisconsin Arts Board is once again accepting applications for its Creative Communities grant program. The program, which offers as much as $10,000 in matching funds ...

Think You Live in Wisconsin's Best Town? Prove It.

Matt Ledger

Do you think Eau Claire’s the best arts and entertainment town in Wisconsin? Feel like no town’s history can compete with Osseo’s? Think Chippewa Falls has the best food in the state? Well people, it’s time to let your voice be heard.

Tasting the Bourbon

from blues to Zeppelin, Left Wing Bourbon has got you covered

Matt Ledger, photos by Mike O'Brien

This isn’t a band that hits soft or slow. Everything about their performance is full. ... These guys are polished, and they feed off each other as you might expect from a group that’s this closely knit.

Justin Vernon. He's Big on the Twitter.

Matt Ledger, photos by Drew Kaiser

It’s no Grammy, but I’m sure Justin Vernon is honored nonetheless to have been named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Tweeters in Music. Vernon, who is known to his loyal tweeties as J.Vern or @blobtower, came in at number 20, sandwiched between ...

West of the Sand Forty

Don Gilbertson’s third book examines family life during tough time

Matt Ledger, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Some of the stories, such as the time his eighth grade classmate drove his father’s ’42 Hudson to school, are funny. Others, such as when he pleased his father by perfectly reciting his confirmation hymn, are moving.

Police Reports | Oct. 21 2010

lessons we've learned from local police reports

Matt Ledger

No matter how frustrating your day of goose hunting may have been, shooting out someone’s car window is not covered by your hunting license.

It Takes a (Scary) Village

Renaissance fairgrounds become Halloween-packed village

Matt Ledger

re you ready for 30 acres of fright? Cause the Village of Terror is just the scare you’re looking for.

Writing On Your Own

local novelist Jaron Lee Knuth

Matt Ledger, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“If I were to make an analogy to movies, I would say my first novel is more of the summer blockbuster type, and then the second one is more of like the indie film.” – Jaron Lee Knuth

Menomonie Snowpark Devises WIntery Additions

Matt Ledger

When the Dunn County SnowPark re-opens this winter, expect to see some changes. Three big additions will hopefully be made to the park before snow hits the ground later this year ...

The Barn

Clear Lake barn offers country retreat and recording studio in one

Matt Ledger

“When I get here, it has to sound as good as it does anywhere else. It’s not, ‘it sounds pretty good for in a barn.’ I’ll play it for anybody.” - producer Chris Mara

Rumblings | Local PFLAG chapter?

LGBT Community Center considers reopening local PFLAG chapter

Matt Ledger

PFLAG is a national organization which, among other things, seeks to provide knowledge and support to those who have questions about LGBT issues.

The Barn

Matt Ledger

Barn near Clear Lake offers a country retreat and recording studio in one, a place where bands can feed sheep and chickens.

Eggplant Heroes

album follows years of casual jamming

Matt Ledger

“All of us come from such different musical backgrounds,” says Pace, “that we try to let all of those streams run into one big river and feed off those different styles.

When Am I Local?

at what point do you embrace university students as one of your own?

Matt Ledger

How can you complain that students often leave the community upon their graduation... if you never let them feel they’re a part of the community in the first place? The truth is, students are everywhere in this town.

Going for the Gold(fish)

Stout artist wins 3M tape sculpture contest

Matt Ledger

UW-Stout art major Elizabeth Lee is the first to admit that making art out of tape is “kind of a weird concept.”

In a Rhythm

UWEC’s Jazz Ensemble again named among best

Matt Ledger

UW-Eau Claire’s Jazz Ensemble I has, for the sixth time, brought home the Down Beat Award for Best College Jazz Ensemble.

Gardening to Earth

cool new garden center humbly started with a 12 year-old

Matt Ledger, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If I hadn’t known that Highway 93 was right behind me, I would’ve sworn I was in the yard of a backwoods cabin. That’s how convincing the atmosphere is at the Down to Earth Garden Center.

Saturday: Valleycat IV

Matt Ledger

On Saturday, we've got bike races, spring clean-ups, lots of jazz, and Haley Bonar.

Obama Alien Defense!

Matt Ledger

It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like, the President running around New York shooting aliens.

To Do Today: ST.I.F.FE.

Matt Ledger

UWEC's 11th Annual Student Independent Film Festival promises to once again deliver a slate of unique and intriguing films.

Saturday: Northwest Beerfest

Matt Ledger

Unleash your inner beer connossier as you sample hundreds of beers from over 20 breweries at the 2nd Annual Northwest Beerfest on Saturday.

Fighting Bob Fest North

progressive fest stages trial run for northern counterpart

Matt Ledger

This year’s Fighting Bob Fest North is just a portent of things to come.

James Ignacio

Chippewa Falls string master to release album

Matt Ledger

It’s slightly ironic that James Ignacio’s first solo CD, About a Block Down Wilson, centers on feelings of home, because the California native has definitely found one here in the music scene of the Chippewa Valley.