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International Folk Fair

annual UWEC event features foods from around the globe

Tyler Griggs, photos by Nikki Humphrey

Imagine yourself hungry for adventure on a slightly chilly Sunday afternoon .. maybe you’re just out of church, or just out of bed. But this day is a basketball, and you are compelled to give it a backboard-shattering slam dunk with fist pump finish.


photos by Nikki Humphrey, Frank H. Robinson

Cell-ing Out

big-time comic artists with local ties exhibit work

Jenna Campbell, photos by Nikki Humphrey

We can now add two comic book artists to our list of locals who have gone on to do great things.

Bridal Fair

photos by Nikki Humphrey

The fourth annual Impressions Bridal Fair at the Plaza Hotel in Eau Claire. The event included over 100 exhibitors as well as two poolside fashion shows and many prize package give-aways.