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Cheers to Beers

Leinie’s Family Reunion celebrates 150 years of beers

Eric Christenson, photos by Neal Bennett

The Leinenkugel brothers invite you to their annual ragin’ get-together at the Leinie Lodge to say thank you to Leinie loyalists and beer-lovin’ Wisconsinites of every walk of life. Enjoy family, food, beer ...

Leinie Lodge Family Reunion

photos by Neal Bennett

On Saturday, June 15 The Leinenkugel brothers invited patrons to an annual celebration at the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls to say thank you to Leinie loyalists. Activities included food, beer sampling, and entertainment.

Muscle Car Restorations, Inc.

photos by Neal Bennett

On Saturday, May 18th the public was welcome to visit the 30,000 square foot restoration facility in Chippewa Falls to see over 40 classic cars in the process of being restored. Patrons could meet the staff, enjoy a complimentary lunch and were encouraged to bring their show cars along.