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UWEC's NOTA Changes Style

Nicole Humphrey

UW-Eau Claire’s literary and arts magazine is back with a new look and format for its fall issue.

READING: The New Vampire’s Handbook

author discusses a book you can really sink your teeth into

Nicole Humphrey

Living the undead life can be complicated and dangerous, especially when you’re a fledgling creature of the night just trying to survive eternity.

Dressing Up the Arts

Eau Claire Regional Arts Center stages annual fundraiser

Nicole Humphrey

The annual Jubilee 2009 will reconvene once more at the exquisite Florian Gardens.

Songstress Showcase

event features some of the area’s best female musicians

Nicole Humphrey

Sweet, poppy, folksy, and soulful: everything you can expect from the Songstress Showcase at the Acoustic Café.

Howlin’ Good Book

Katie McKy scratches out youth book Wolf Camp

Nicole Humphrey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

"I think, ‘How can I compete with Hollywood movies?’ But I can. Stories are magic.” –Katie McKy

Senior Art Students Fill Foster Gallery

UWEC showcases the work of 10 senior fine art students Apr. 3-15.

Nicole Humphrey, photos by Hanna Agar

UWEC showcases the work of 10 senior fine art students Apr. 3-15 @ the Foster Gallery.

Zebras and Ulcers

stress expert Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky to speak

Nicole Humphrey

Stressed out? Neurobiologist and stress expert Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky is here to help.

North Coast Slam Battle

the Midwest’s best spoken word artists are on their way

Nicole Humphrey

Buckle up! The Midwest’s best spoken word artists are on their way.

Bright Ideas

local students compete in Rube Goldberg contest

Nicole Humphrey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Their 49-step Mine Shaft machine had inventive reverse folding stairs, sand filling buckets ...

Write by Night

children’s series authors are librarians by day

Nicole Humphrey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“Our boys asked us, ‘What do bears eat?’ I didn’t know, so we’d look that up ..."

Enter Arts West Soon

Nicole Humphrey

Artists are invited to enter the ArtsWest, the LE Phillips Library’s annual juried art show.