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LOCAL LIT: ‘Miss Victory’

Patti See

Eighteen-year-old Winifred “Winnie” Rubenzer didn’t run a rivet gun like “Rosie.” Instead she and her co-workers at the Eau Claire Ordnance Plant – many of them sisters, wives, or sweethearts of U.S. service members ...

The Culture of Staying Apart: A COVID-19 Diary

Chippewa Valley writer Patti See documents two weeks of coronavirus-era lifestyle changes

Patti See

March 16: We cancel our weekend trip to our daughter’s in Madison. Restaurants and bars are shutting down. “That will never happen here,” I tell Bruce ...

Mourning Portrait

Patti See

The night before Mom’s funeral, I sit at my kitchen counter drinking beer and listening to audio recordings I made before she stopped speaking a year ago. Each time I recorded Mom and Dad I’d come home and listen, usually like this, late at night ...

Rewinding the Wedding Tape

Patti See

The seventh anniversary gift is wool. // I taste it after our wedding tape tradition // when I stay to rewind alone. // Everyone dances off the altar ...

UW-Stout Alum Andy Ducett & His Eaux Claires Art Installations

Patti See

Buying a ticket to the upcoming Eaux Claires is a leap of faith, given the secrecy. The fest website professes, “. . . it’s about the collection of art and artists reacting with the collection of you. . . . You: willing to walk into a mix of art and sound. . . . ”

Tonight at Dad's

Patti See

My seven siblings and I meet at our parent’s house to prep a photo board for Mom’s funeral tomorrow ...

Boy and Dog

Patti See

We saved our son’s baby teeth in a margarine tub on top of the microwave, at first as a holding area each time we collected another tiny relic from under his pillow, a what-to-do-with-them-till-I-figure-out-what-to-do-with-them-spot ...

FEATURE: Diverse Perspectives

Circles of Change initiative seeks to move from dialogue to action

Patti See, photos by Patti See, Bill Hoepner

I’m at the front of the pack in this bonding exercise, “Move Forward, Move Back.” To start, all of us lined up along the hallway, shoulder to shoulder as equals. I predicted I might end up in the middle, since I was a working-class kid and a first-generation college student. Another white woman is at the front with me ...

Write That Down

Patti See

When I’m asked to do a “craft talk” in which I share with students or writers-in-training how and why I write, I sometimes say something smart-aleck-y: ...

Man with Dog

Patti See

The lone fisherman, in his red boat with his spotted English setter, glides along the water. There is nothing else to breaks its surface. Out my window is an L.L. Bean commercial: the brightness of the red boat on these blue waters, the perfect dog to take fishing ...


Patti See

Two days after my mom’s funeral, I realize the silver hoop I’ve had in my upper ear cartilage since 1985 is gone. Mom hated the line of six earrings I wore in my left ear. When I was in high school she said, “Talk to your gym teacher about what ...

Family Delicacy

Patti See

One night when I visit Dad, he’s got Mom’s cookbooks laid out on the table ...

Life Inside a Snow Globe

Patti See

Snowflakes were so big that even a 3 year-old atop his dad’s shoulders could throw back his head and catch them in his mouth. It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling the tranquility of life inside a snow globe.

Turning 40 Family Tavern Tour

Patti See, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I’m a child of the 70s and 80s. I grew up going to taverns and supper clubs with my parents.