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COVID-19 Drives UW-Stout Commencement Online

university plans virtual graduation ceremony May 9

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

When she graduates from UW-Stout in May, Morgan Schalow knows a traditional graduation with caps and gowns won’t be possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic ...

UW-Stout Art Students’ Protective Masks Go to First Responders

Dunn County Emergency Management gets nearly 2,000 N95 masks

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

With nearly 2,000 protective N95 masks available, UW-Stout’s School of Art and Design faculty and staff knew they needed to get the potentially life-saving gear against COVID-19 ...

Mindfulness at Work

speaker: truly listening can improve health and business

Pam Powers | UW-Stout, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Taking a few moments to breathe and being mindful of that breath helps employees focus, be less stressed, and become better ...

Removing Work Barriers

UW-Stout Is Home to Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

Pam Powers | UW-Stout, photos by UW-Stout News

When his father lost his sight from diabetic complications and ended up using a wheelchair because he didn’t know how to use an assistive cane, Kyle Walker learned firsthand the impact a disability can ...

Summertime, STEAM Time

UW-Stout's program focusing on tech and arts is now open to middle schoolers

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

A UW-Stout Summer STEAM Experience camp will welcome younger students this year for day camps. Sixth- and seventh-graders can take part in the summer youth camp in the following tracks ...

Offering a Helping Hand

UW-Stout opens on-campus food pantry for students

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

With more than one-third of university students nationally food insecure, Sarah Snyder knew she had to do something to help ...

Iron Chef, Wisconsin Style

High school students bring culinary skills to competition at UW-Stout

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

The winning team members at this year’s UW-Stout Recipe for Excellence competition Thursday, Feb. 14, brought a little bit of Luck with them – literally.

The Shifting Job Landscape

UW-Stout speaker: Industry, education need to work together to meet labor needs

Pam Powers | UW-Stout

With an increase in contract workers and robots, the work landscape is ever changing, according to James R. Stone III, director of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education at the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta ...