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6 Winter Wedding Tips

Sarah Dobs

Planning a winter wedding has more advantages than a bride would think. For starters, a winter wedding can cost half of what a spring/summer wedding would cost because winter is considered the off season for venues.

Martha Stewart hearts local prof.

Sarah Dobs

There can never be enough glitter in the artistic creations of UW-Stout art instructor Kari Tarr ... or, it seems, The Martha Stewart Show for that matter. For the second time this year Tarr’s sparkling face and art will be making an appearance on...

Tommy & John

William O’Neill’s book on early American history, shown through the eyes of Irish

Sarah Dobs

With a long and celebrated Irish heritage of his own, Menomonie author William O’Neill drew inspiration for his new book from the strength his ancestors had during one of the bleakest moments in their history.

An Old World Yuletide

three local songsmiths hearken back with holiday songs

Sarah Dobs

Take the holidays back to the Old World this year with the release of the sequel Old World Yuletide II by local musical artists Ivar Lunde, Nanette Lunde, and Peter Phippen. Old World Yuletide is inspired by 17th and 18th century music.

The Dwarf’s Treasure

local author debuts fantasy adventure for kids

Sarah Dobs

You can’t exactly call a 36-page children’s book “epic,” but that’s exactly what local author Debra Manzella has created with The Dwarf’s Treasure. Released in mid-October through Publish America, The Dwarf’s Treasure involves six fantasy ...

Library offers free Kindle downloads

Sarah Dobs

What will the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library do next? Their latest news: you can now access nearly 5,000 free e-book titles using a Kindle and your humble library card. This latest development comes just after the start of their iPad ...

In Capable Hands Are Broadway Bound

Sarah Dobs

Congrats to Colfax-based comedy juggling duo In Capable Hands (aka Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw) – they're packing their bags (full of juggling paraphernalia) and heading to Caroline’s On Broadway, having qualified for ...

Essentially Eau Claire

debut event highlights jaw-dropping local jazz talent

Sarah Dobs

If you’re still in denial on the topic of Eau Claire’s incredible jazz reputation, let this debut event be the thing that finally convinces you.

Eau Claire Folk Rock Trio Releases Debut EP

Sarah Dobs

What started as a solo singer/songwriter project from Minneapolis is now a three-piece band with ties to Eau Claire. And now, Sky Lion is about to release a self-titled EP.

Peter Phippen

our own international music sensation

Sarah Dobs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“It was a bamboo penny whistle that cost 25 cents. There was a whole basket full of them in the store, so I played every one until I found the one that was mine.” – Peter Phippen on how it began

Bike commuting increases across Wisconsin

Sarah Dobs

Bicycle commuting is becoming more popular in the cities throughout Wisconsin. According to the League of American Bicyclists Madison, it has increased commuter ridership by 188% since 2000

Studio 123

new shop mixes beadwork, glass, jewelry, and more

Sarah Dobs, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Studio 123 in Banbury Place is the latest local shop to hit the Eau Claire community. Lisa and Kathy Seitz, previous owners of Stone Tree on Water Street, were invited to set up the new shop with Paul Brehm of Fat Bottom Glass.

Do we need a new food pantry?

locals are joining together to find out

Sarah Dobs

Community Leaders have arranged to meet and discuss food availability in Chippewa Falls and determine ways to improve food security in not only Chippewa, but in other counties such as Eau Claire.

Downtown EC: Your destination for two-way motoring

Sarah Dobs

Bust out the yellow paint. According to EC City Council meeting notes from last week, downtown Eau Claire streets will start going both ways –once the Barstow Street and Beyond* reconstruction project is complete (it starts in the summer of 2012).

Local Fishing Gear

believe it or not, great tackle is made right in our backyard

Sarah Dobs

Shorty Mueller custom makes wooden rod handles for any kind of fishing possible: muskie rods, bass rods, fly rods, carp rods, etc. Get your order in for his custom-made rods by calling ...

April: 2011 Wisconsin Bike Summit

Sarah Dobs

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin ensures that every bike ride in the state taken is safe, enjoyable and fun. Gathering in Madison on April 19 will be biking fanatics from every corner of the state for the federation's Wisconsin Bike Summit of 2011.

Meat Raffles

a first-person investigation of these mysterious cultural affairs

Sarah Dobs, photos by Leah Dunbar

Wow, I thought. So this is a Meat Raffle. I understand it, now. The appeal. The glory. The simplicity. ... I got my eye on that T-bone a-comin’ up.

Tuesday: UW-Stout gets ruby

Sarah Dobs

These machines cost the teams' time, creativity, imagination, and most of all, effort. This year teams include Augusta, Bayfield, Chippewa Falls (whoo!), Kimberly, Loyal, New Auburn, Plum City, Spooner, and the two-time reigning champions Thorp.

Hunter Gatherers

BareBones goes primal with dinner party play

Sarah Dobs

The improv ensemble that has been making a ruckus with its comedy shows, BareBones Ensemble Theatre, is once again taking the stage and this time with Ben Richgruber in the director’s seat.

This Summer: Sculpture Tour EC!

Emily Thierfelder, Sarah Dobs

This June, downtown Eau Claire will be hosting the first annual Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. Over 50 weeks, 25+ sculptures will be on display throughout downtown city sidewalks and the public will be encouraged to vote for their favorite sculpture.

Local Musicians Pick Six (Part 3)

Mike Paulus, Sarah Dobs

Here's yet another installment of "having local musicians pick six music recommendations because ... seven is too many. Or something." This week, we've got local bassist Eric "Pedals" Thompson, singer/trumpeteer Joel Pace, and drummer Dave Power.

Superhero Film Contest

new CTV film contest offers sit-down with Batman big-wig

Sarah Dobs

“In a dark world plagued by the filthy existence of a dark lord trying to conquer all the lands, the unsuspecting hero, Maximus Cypher, feels a strange tingle calling him to duty.” That’s one way to start your entry to the 24 Days of Film contest.

Raw Deal Hosts Fashion Show's 2nd Installment

Sarah Dobs, photos by Jeremy Nelson

On February 5, the fashionistas of the Chippewa Valley will be gathering for the 2nd Annual Pardon Fashion Show: “A Feral Affair.”

Save Big Money (on Books)

local author increases impact of book through Menards

Sarah Dobs

Local author Bill Callaghan has seen amazing success with his latest book, Raised With Praise … How My Parents Made Me a Happy Soul, and in an unexpected market – Menards.

Madison smarties are really good with mysteriously dead birds

Sarah Dobs, Mike Paulus

Wisconsinites should swell with pride after hearing news about all those (SUDDENLY!) dead blackbirds down in Arkansas. Who else could be capable of answering this most perplexing of questions: "What the heck made all them birds get dead?"

Watch! (Out for banshees)

Sarah Dobs

Director/editor Scott Welsch created this sci-fi horror film as part of a contest, and cast Dustin Kussmaul as a terrified victim who runs and runs and runs (and runs and runs) throughout Eau Claire’s downtown. It's "Banshee!!! Midnight."

Holiday Games: Evil Elves (2!)

Sarah Dobs

Evil Elves (2) tells a classic Christmas tale: It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is soaring through the sky when all of a sudden a gigantic snowball crashes into the fat man, launching him out of his sleigh along with of his precious presents...

Ice Road Trucker to truck through EC

Sarah Dobs

After spending two days signing autographs in EC last summer, History Channel’s ice road trucker extraordinaire, Alex Debogorski, is coming back for round two. But this time, he’s driving an even bigger rig. That’s right – a bigger big rig.

George Winston

famed Peanuts pianist brings seasonal flare to State Theatre

Sarah Dobs

Exceptionally talented pianist George Winston is scheduled to perform at the State Theatre for a holiday concert to celebrate seasonal favorite melodies.

Locally Made iPhone App Gets a Reboot

Sarah Dobs

Bleep! A bright orange alien head … Cha-ching! with a pickle hat … Quack Quack! in an undersized shirt for a large blue belly … Pling! and space boots for feet … Swoosh!

A Thanksgiving Fun Fact Roundup

Sarah Dobs

Since Thanksgiving was officially named a national holiday by congress in 1941, the holiday has expanded its traditions beyond what any Mayflower pilgrim could have imagined.

Saturday: Local Store Grand Opening & Lots More!

Sarah Dobs

Visit Volume One's brand spankin' new retail space in downtown Eau Claire and help celebrate our grand opening with 20% off all merchandise all day long. And check out these other Saturday events!

Library of Congress Hits the Road

Sarah Dobs

What has 18 wheels, expands to three times its road width, contains priceless historical treasures, and rolls into Eau Claire on Nov. 19 and 20? It’s the Library of Congress’ newest traveling exhibit, the Gateway to Knowledge.

UW-La Crosse professors cry “Poppycock!” on sports jewelry

Sarah Dobs

For those who swear by the Power Balance Bracelet, the study's results may be disturbing and I would recommend you don't read this, or your insane Sports Bracelet Powers may be magically removed. Yeah, the scientific method can be a lot like Kryptonite.

Sunday is made for lovers ... of theatre

Sarah Dobs

The Mabel Tainter has comedy covered with Guys on Ice, the Heyde Center has musicals covered with 'SWonderful, and Fanny Hill has Christmas covered with You Better Watch Out. Too early?

Saturday: 20 Greatest Hits of Johnny Cash

Sarah Dobs

Join Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) award-winning performer Liam Ford as he presents his electrifying portrayal of the MAN IN BLACK, in the career-spanning and essential "20 greatest hits".

Elk Mound Author Releases Short Stories Collection

Sarah Dobs

Elk Mound author G.R. Revelle has worked to embrace his mother’s Scandinavian and his father’s southern heritage equally, a struggle which formulated his newest book, When Catfish Swim With Lutefisk.

World-Famous Trumpeter to Toot at Regis

Sarah Dobs

The Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra is honored to welcome Wayne Bergeron to Regis High School for what’s shaping up to be a thrilling performance involving Memorial, Regis, and North’s big bands as well.

Sunday | Dead Snow

Sarah Dobs

Depending on the audience, the sub-sub-genre of the Nazi zombie movie Dead Snow could sound like the best or worst of cinematic offerings.