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Thadeus Logan


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Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

play about all-white painting examines art

Thadeus Logan, photos by Sarah Word

Art revolves around Serge who shells out 200,000 francs for a piece of abstract art.

On The Spot

artists take over State Theatre stage

Thadeus Logan

The State Theatre will be home to a unique style of art exhibit on Sept. 26.

Taking A Cue

Eau Claire pockets a new billiards hal

Thadeus Logan

Merging Metal

Bob Heller creates one-of-a-kind motorcycle sculptures

Thadeus Logan

Bob Heller may call his Bike Dreams creations "junk art collectibles," but ...

Steven Braker

photographer's work includes the '60s, top commercial jobs, studio in the woods

Thadeus Logan

You have to compose the picture by searching, by watching. Sometimes I come out for days ...