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Saturday Event Picks (March 31)

photos by V1 Staff , V1 Staff & Contributors

From early in the morning and into the night – a lots of fine quality events occurring on Saturday. Wanna know more? Of course you do.

FEATURE: Tube Town

Trevor Kupfer, Kaitlyn Heisick, Eric Rasmussen, Frank Smoot, photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

The Chippewa Valley has a massive inner-tube floating scene, and this guide breaks down the local origin of the activity, what the big annual events are all about, the economic impact of it, plus what you need, where to go, and how to do it right.

Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic 2011 - Day 2

photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

Day Two of the 2011 Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic dawned with gorgeous skies and great weather. The teams battled on through the tournament while the bands rocked – Duncan Ninja, The Brian Bethke Band, The Perennials, and a final show from ...

Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic 2011 - Day 1

photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

Day One of the 2011 Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic enjoyed a wet start, as a little rain delayed the first band – yet the kickballers endured, playing through the rain. After the rain stopped, Dead Dogs took the stage and were followed by ...

Artist Steve Bateman Has a Cow

photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

Wednesday (May 18), Eau Claire artist Steve Bateman was kind enough to stop by the office with his latest scrap metal masterpiece – a giant cow destined for a family farm outside Fall Creek, Wis. (commissioned by the Harrison family). In case you ...

Fight for Your Rights

progressive apolitical event FightingBobFest comes to Chippewa Falls

Emily Anderson, photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

“We are not campaigning for anyone. ... (Speakers) are not there for their party; they are there for their ideas.” – Jim Dunning, an event coordinator of FightingBobFest

Sounds Like Summers of the Past

photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

A quick bunch of photos from the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series of 2009 and 2010.

Bridging the Gap

how a city known for its bridges lost its luster

Emily Kuhn, photos by V1 Staff & Contributors , Andrea Paulseth

“Bridges have always been critical to Eau Claire. There’s a nostalgia, a history to them. … Now, I see those aesthetics coming back ...” – EC Public Works Director Brian Amundson