Compliance to Commitment-Empowering Others to be Their Best

Organizations are starving for competent and trustworthy leadership, both formal and informal influencers who are internally driven to create a better future for themselves and their organization. But how do we develop people who can exercise the courage to take initiative towards that pursuit? This leadership program specifically pinpoints ways to help transform your key players into ethical and influential self-directed leaders. Beginning with obtaining compliance in on-the-job competencies and emotional maturity, and move towards inspiring others to go beyond that, you begin to transform employee mentality into one of commitment to performing at peak level while inspiring others around them.

Learn how to:

• Establish a climate of trust that motivates people to embrace commitment over compliance

• Coaching techniques that set you and others up for success

• Styles of leadership required for diverse situations

• Assess employee performance and determine appropriate leadership action

• Develop your own personal leadership principles that guide your work and set your organization apart

Cost: $600


This event is over.

Every Day until Sep. 13, 8:30am-4pm

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