Meth: Reframing Perspectives

Join Dr. Amy Evans, Ph.D., professor for Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, as she explores the resurgence of methamphetamine use both locally and nationally. She will discuss the trends and impact of methamphetamine use both on the individual struggling with addiction, and the impact on their family. Examine and breakdown the biases of methamphetamine users. Through this training, you will learn that methamphetamine users are not just those you see in the news and on TV. Not all who use methamphetamine become addicted, they are not all violent or dangerous, and recovery IS possible. Learn to best support your clients by applying evidence-based practices to work through their struggles with addiction. Discover local resources that are available for professionals, individuals and family members. In the end, create a plan for implementing knowledge from this training.

Program Objectives:

• Compare and contrast trends related to methamphetamine use in the local area with trends in the state, nation, and world

• Examine and deconstruct biases related to methamphetamine use

• Recognize the cognitive, physical, and mental health impacts of methamphetamine use

• Apply evidence-based practices to working with individuals struggling with methamphetamine use disorders as well as frequent co-occurring mental health concerns

• Review local resources available to professionals, individuals and families

• Create a plan for implementing the knowledge gained from the training

Cost: $199


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Thu. Feb. 6, 2020   9am-4pm

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HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital
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