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Satanic Panic

when I was a kid in the 80s, I was certain cults were out to get me

By 1988, I was convinced Satanic cults were prowling the neighborhood. My eyes scoured the skeletal trees dotting the wooded embankment behind my house for the pumpkin glow of circle fires unfurling into the night.

Taking the Ride

the Valley could get a Regional Transit Authority

The Chippewa Valley, a metro area made up of Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and smaller towns and villages, had a 2000 population of 148,337.

Thanks for Asking | Oct. 21, 2010

answering your questions to the very best of Frank's considerable ability

I pass by the old firehouse off Vine several times a day. What’s the deal with the building? It’s awesome! Will it go for sale?

Shortcuts | Oct. 21, 2010

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

UW-Eau Claire administrators are taking action against a professor who recently wrote an e-mail asking the organizers of Eau Queer Film Festival to reconsider holding the LGBTQ event.


just some of our favorite artful entries

To be inspired by the possibilities of a blank page is familiar to most of us. Especially as a child, I’m sure there were many days where you tackled that paper with everything you had to give.

Phil Circle

Chicago singer/songwriter blows into town

Within two days of residency just outside Eau Claire, Circle had already booked a gig at the Acoustic Café and snagged a teaching position at the Eau Claire Music School.

Export Musician Keeps on Rockin'

Andy Immerman has been keeping busy cranking out tunes since the Eau Claire native left our midst for Denver.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

famous photographers hang show at Foster Gallery

A touring exhibition from Knoxville that you’d normally find in major-market art museums is coming to Eau Claire.

Video Installation Examines Communication

The Furlong Gallery at UW-Stout is currently featuring an emotionally and psychologically charged visual art piece by Iowa artist Erica Duffy.

Sci-Fi Film Festival

1950s sci-fi horror festival features local actor Mike Cook

Halloween weekend is oozing with creepy monsters and bone-chilling ghouls, but you’ll also need to watch the skies now that the Super Mihmiverse Film Festival is in town.

Student Starts Puppy Chow Snack Operation

Start with Chex cereal, then throw in some powered sugar, a squirt of food coloring, peanut butter, some of this and some of that, and volia: Chowza.

New Brew: Lucette Brewing Company

Lucette Brewing will make a name among beer gurus

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Ol’ Ben was perhaps on to something.


new Mongolian grill opens in Eau Claire

You’re fascinated by the spectacle of your food being tossed, sliced, and seared in plain view.

Another Brewery is Coming

Keep an eye out for news on Thirsty Monk Brewery, yet another microbrew operation coming to the Valley.

Arlo Guthrie

State Theatre just can’t stop bringing you the mega-folk

Ending The State Theatre’s unofficial “folk legend series” (John Prine and Gordon Lightfoot) is performer Arlo Guthrie in yet another must-see appearance.


things get hairy for the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre

This October the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is providing a fantastic opportunity to theatergoers of the Chippewa Valley with the regional debut of Hairspray.

International Flavor

popular International Folk Festival returns to UWEC

To anyone who says the Chippewa Valley has no culture, the International Folk Festival, put on by UW-Eau Claire, will prove you wrong. The fair, a free event coordinated by the Center for International Education, is the largest international festival of i

The Deedles

Kansas band plays double shot of Halloween shows

Call it electro grass, call it grit rock; you can categorize The Deedles of Emporia, Kansas, quite a few ways. But this Halloween at The Mousetrap you can just call them Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion.

Speaking Out

a discussion must happen before local LGBTQ youth join the rash of teen suicides

On Oct. 11, we were astounded to play host to more than 250 area residents at a candlelight vigil held in Phoenix Park. Our intention was to be the catalyst for a local discussion of how we can affect change in the Chippewa Valley and, in the process,

The Horror

without VHS tapes and HBO, my childhood would have been a lot less traumatic

But back in 1986, VHS tapes were the shiz, Memorex was king, and a humble collection of home-recorded videos changed my life forever. Probably for the worse.

Police Reports | Oct. 21 2010

lessons we've learned from local police reports

No matter how frustrating your day of goose hunting may have been, shooting out someone’s car window is not covered by your hunting license.

Village of Terror

the Valley hasn’t seen anything this massive for Halloween

Some of the most respected haunted house critics say if you want to truly experience a place, you have to go on the first and last nights.

Haunts of EC Bus Tour

UWEC Players combine scares with improv comedy

If there was one thing Sam Raimi (director of Drag Me To Hell and the Evil Dead series) did well, it was balance.

Spook Houses, Tours, and Trails

The most popular haunted house in western Wisconsin expects to attract about 10,000 people to the town of Roberts, roughly an hour from Eau Claire, for this zombie-infested abode complete with a Kids Zone.

Case 1031: Bridge Street Investigations

join a real paranormal investigation

This Halloween, those fascinated with the paranormal have the opportunity to join a real investigative team, searching for answers behind one of Chippewa Falls’ most notorious supposed haunted locations.

Haunted House 101

tips on creating your own scary experience from others who have done so locally and nationally

To start things off, you’ll need a location. This bit can be tricky. Fortunately, a big venue isn’t always needed – the focus here should be on quality, not quantity.

Haunted Listings

costumes, décor, pumpkins, and more

Enjoy FREE hotdogs and soda if you are sporting a costume. Judging by local celebrities will start at 7:30 with great prizes for the winning child, family, and adult.

A Helpful Hot-Button Election Guide

an over-simplified guide to where the candidates fall

An over-simplified guide to where the candidates fall on creating jobs and managing the state/federal budget.

Hauntings 2010: An Introduction

I remember my first scary Halloween experience vividly. I was 7 years old, and my best friend invited me to the haunted house ...

Local Pooches are Doggone Lucky

some great local places for pampering your pets

These are the days to be a dog. Once upon not-that-long-ago, dog care was limited to kenneling and cutting ...

Where the Rabbits Roam

pets trim up and provide fertilizer for lawn

Most homeowners do everything they can to keep rabbits off their lawn, not to mention their gardens. Remember Mr. McGregor?