Let's Get Political!

Nick Meyer

Calling all closet political pundits! Now that you’ve witnessed both the Republican and Democratic national conventions this week and last, we want to hear what you’re all thinking, feeling, and worrying about here in the Chippewa Valley. Western Wisconsin is clearly a hotly contested battleground for this election. With two solid months yet to go, we’ve already seen both candidates in our own backyards. Barack Obama was here for a huge primary appearance at UWEC’s Zorn Arena this winter, and just a few weeks back at a much smaller, private appearance at Rod and Gun Park. John McCain made his surprise stop at the Altoona Family Restaurant, of all places, and will no doubt be coming through again at some point. Even Ralph Nader will be in town today at UWEC.

So let’s do it, let’s get this party started. What’s the vibe out there in the Chippewa Valley? What’s been the most outrageous campaign tactic you’ve witnessed so far? What predictions do you have for election results in our area? Whose got the best political coverage out there? Are we digging Palin? Let it out Chippewa Valley, tell us whatchya got.