Perplexed by the text

Sarah Dobs

As if election season isn't addicting enough, this season's candidates have a new alluring tactic up their sleeves – text messages! What does this mean, you may ask? Well, before now, I was receiving crucial information about my favorite candidate only every ten minutes, but now – Now! – I can get that crucial information darn near every second. Hang on, I just got a text. Looks like Scott Walker just bought a new outfit for the campaign trail. It's gray. Wow!

Anyways, not only do you have to protect your highly secret contact information from that weirdo trying to pick you up in the checkout line at Kwik Trip, but also from the politicians and their activists. Now I need to be cautious of their gimmicks, giveaways, and grand events designed to lure an unsuspecting victim, such as myself, into giving away my digits. For example, when Sen. Russ Feingold asked Brewers fans to text him their predicted winner of the opening game sausage race, he got a shiny new contact list for his campaign. (Read more.)

Some political candidates are even desperate enough to invade public restrooms, posting tempting messages like, "TEXT FLUSH to candidate's name.” Once you send the text, you can expect an update several times a week – and before you know it, you’re hooked! Is nothing sacred?