Breakneck's break-neck pace

Trevor Kupfer

Breakneck sits down long enough for a photo.
Breakneck sits down long enough for a photo.
We reported back in the Feb. 3 issue that local hip-hop artist Breakneck the Mage was laying two new albums on us. That’s roughly a year after his last album. And like 18 months after the album before that. And, oh yeah, he started a Hip-Hop Association in there, too. Wait. It gets even crazier.

If the newest e-mail from Mr. The Mage is to be believed, by the end of May he’ll have played 20 shows in a two-month span. Three of them in the Twin Cities. And is he burned out? Well he better not be, cuz he has a 21-date tour booked in September and a bunch of dates in between (festivals, Mankato, Duluth, the cities, local, you name it).

To honor Sir Broken Neck, head out this month for one of the five big hip-hop shows happening around his birthday – and the release of his new mixtape. Did we forget to mention that? Oh yeah, it’s 21 tracks and is a free download as of May 1. The shows:

May 12 at 7th Street Entry, Mpls – with Mercies May, The Show, Out of Bounds, Watchmen, and Status Reign

May 13 at Tomahawk Room, Chip Falls – with Analyrical and Mr Pizzy

May 14 at House of Rock, EC – with Carnage the Executioner, Anastacia Davis & Frank Castle, and TeaWhy B

May 20 at House of Rock, EC – with Takl Allstars, Status Reign, and Moxie

May 21 at Every Buddy’s, Chip Falls – with Frozen Tundra, Blinded, Smokey-J, and K.O.