Help Us Interview Justin Vernon

V1 Staff

In just a couple weeks we’ll again be sitting down with Justin Vernon for a little talk – on the record (this is about the fifth time in our 178 issues across nine years). But this time, instead of keeping him all to ourselves we thought it’d be fun to share the actual conversation with you locals – some of whom have been following his career for much longer than the millions of new fans around the world. So we want to “crowdsource” the interview with you, the Chippewa Valley – meaning 100% of our questions will be provided by whoever is reading these words right now.

Vernon is just a couple weeks away from the release of his second full-length Bon Iver album (available for pre-order from the Local Store) and gearing up to tour with a much larger backing band this go around. The guy’s getting interviewed by major publications left and right, even appearing on their covers (as well as on Jimmy Fallon), but we’re thinking the people of his own community can do a better job coming up with great questions – the stuff people from his hometown want to know.

So this is your chance to ask the questions national music journalists won’t. You can ask about his pre-Bon Iver days in Eau Claire, the area’s music scene, his thoughts on other national artists, his side projects, the Packers Super Bowl victory, and of course, the new Bon Iver album. Heck you can even ask him if Kanye West wears gold-plated boxer shorts. Whatever you want.

We won’t be able to ask Vernon every question – due to time and space we’ll need to be somewhat selective, so make them good!

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