The Ren Faire cometh back(eth)

Thom Fountain, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Don't worry, folks. The king and queen shall return soon.
Yep, the Chippewa Valley Renaissance Faire is returning to joust you in the face. With fun.

Well, it's that time of year again. Here it goes.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Huzzah and alas and bollocks and verily! The Renaissance-eth Faire-eth return-eth yet-eth again-eth! You read that right (probably). The Chippewa Valley Ren Faire is coming back for another year. Word on the street thoroughfare was that it might not happen, but from May 19 - June 17 you can bust out those pantaloons and corsets and pirate costumes (pirates are from the Renaissance, right?) and  joust your little tights-loving heart out.

For those of you who haven't been, it's a pretty big deal. According to a press release put out by Fun Fest, who organizes the fair Faire, the five week event, along with the Village of Terror,  bring about $700,000 of revenue into the area each year (they cite the Department of Tourism). That's a lot of gold bullion.

So, grab your wooden ale mug and attach it to your belt and get practicing your awful English accents because The Ren Faire Cometh!