Fireworks Safety: Have fun & don’t do anything stupid

by Maggie Cook

Fireworks season is fast approaching and though we do not wish to put a damper on all of the fun and memories, we want to provide you with a number of safety tips as you approach festivities with your children.

First and foremost, if you are planning to set up your own fireworks show at home, please check with your local police department first. Lighting legal fireworks is the best approach for everyone involved.

6 Tips to Stay Safe this Fireworks Season

1. Always use fireworks outside. (Come on people!)

2. Give some space. Keep a safe distance from fireworks, making sure to point them away from homes, buildings, cars, brush, and all flammable materials.

3. Always provide close supervision.

4. Get creative with fun alternatives including glow sticks to avoid burning little fingers.

5. Keep a bucket of water on hand. If a firework does not go off, put it out with water. Do not handle or stand over it.

6. Finally, the best way to stay safe around fireworks is to attend public displays where professionals are handling the material and you are a very long, long distance away.