Family STEAM Challenge: Giant Bubbles

V1 Staff

It’s finally summer again! Let’s bring back an old classic and make some giant bubbles!

The Topic:

Exploring and observing the science behind making bubbles and bubble wands.

The Mission:

Use your scientific and detective skills to figure out the best way to make the biggest and strongest bubbles! 

The Challenge: 

Can you make the biggest bubble without it popping?

Materials you could use (but are not limited to):

• Bucket
• Water
• Dish soap
• String (yarn works well)
• Straws

Creating giant bubbles:

This challenge is very open-ended as it can be applied whenever and wherever there is sun! To start this challenge, you have to mix the dish soap and water in the bucket. Use your science skills to figure out how much soap you need to make the bubbles. You have to find the perfect balance! Once the mixture is ready you can make your wand. Thread a piece of string through two straws and tie it so the straws don’t fall off. The straws now become your handles. Dip the string and straws into the bubble mixture. Lift it out and run with your hands out at your side to make a giant bubble! You can try making a smaller or bigger wand to see if the bubbles last for a longer or shorter amount of time or if the bubbles are bigger or smaller. You will get messy – try blowing bubbles with your hands all soapy!

Questions to mull over: 

• How much soap do you need?
• Can there be too much soap?
• Do the bubbles float higher when they are bigger or smaller?
• Which sized bubbles pop faster?
• What if you don’t use straws on the strings?
• Is there anything you can add to your bubble mixture to make it better or more fun?