MEGA PHOTO SET: Last Call at the House of Rock (Updated)

photos by Mike O'Brien, Donna Pullman, James Falkofske, Renee Rudi, Svea Trzebiatowski, Threasa Meyer, Trenity Weiß

The House of Rock on Water Street in Eau Claire closed its doors after 17 years of live local music with their massive "Last Call" show – a two-night affair (July 21 & 22) with 27 bands giving the venue a proper send-off. The lineup (though not in order and not all pictured) ...

Friday (July 21): Landfill Park, Fathom, Travisty, Arms Aloft, No Loving Place, Jim Pullman Band, I, Torrent, Giants of Midgard, FM Down, picard, FanOffBirdSafe / Beercan Pentagram, Two Castles, Pit Wagon, and In Black Print

Saturday (July 22): Drunk Drivers, Laarks, The Nicotines, Smack Davis, Orestus, Meridene, The Jaggernauts, Mors Mortis Machinatio, The Ronald Raygun, The Heart Pills, DiY Daisy, and Distant Friends

UPDATE! We weren't able to get a shot of every single band in the original photo set, but some local photographers came to the rescue. Photos of the missing bands have been added to the end ...