The Hive

Casual dining offering all-day breakfast, wraps, grilled paninis, sandwiches, salads, pizza, coffee, and smoothies. They feature their own brand of soup and salsa and offer catering services to boot. Serving a small selection of local beer and wine. Outdoor seasonal seating, huge gluten free menu, and kids menu (which includes a lot of GF options). Conference room & banquet room available. Open weekdays 7am-3pm, Saturdays at 9am-3pm, and closed Sundays.

Average Cost: Entrée: $4-$7

Average: 3.77
Out of 13 Reviews

The Hive
1120 122nd St., Suite 3
Chippewa Falls, WI



Stopped by here for a quick lunch, took a little time for the food to get out, but not too long. It was a good sandwich and I liked that they had chips and salsa as the side. I would go back.


I happened to be out in the middle of nowhere today and decided to try Camille's, since it was in the same neighborhood. Seriously, it's too bad this place is out of the way, because it's really a nice and cheery looking little establishment. The huge variety of sandwiches and wraps made me giddy (in a manly way) right off the bat. Unfortunately, though the quesadilla wrap and cheddar potato soup I ordered were good, the portions and the prices didn't match up. My wrap wasn't much bigger than an eggroll, and I had to upgrade to a bowl of soup because the cup was actually just a small saucer. For just under ten bucks (including a drink) I don't it was worth it. All-in-all, I think Camille's would do great, despite their location, if they made their wraps bigger and dropped their prices a bit, 'cause the food was pretty good and the atmosphere was great.


Fun place to eat and the restaurant is bright and cheery. I got a slice of key-lime cheesecake after dinner. Very good!